Monday, March 14, 2011


I hate Mondays! I'm suffering from the sniffles right now and my car is in the shop for repairs. That relatively ruins my entire day of appointments. It was acting up since yesterday and I was thinking of sending in to the shop tomorrow but it sounded like a family of little rats were hiding in engines.

Better to send it now than have it break down in the middle of the road somewhere and cause a mile long traffic snarl, you know how Malaysian's are la. A simple breakdown and every busybody of a driver will slow down to see what's wrong and create a nice long line of cars backing up for miles.

Feeling a little under the weather doesn't help my mood much too. I've been sneezing nonstop since the time I stepped into the office that my brains are all rattled and shook up. On top of that my nose is leaking like a faucet on steroids. How I hate Mondays!

I should take the day off and just go tuck myself in bed and sleep the day away but I can't cos I have some appointments that just cannot be canceled or rescheduled. Not having a car at the moment is not much help either. I think I'll borrow my partners car for a few hours, hopefully he doesn't have any appointments of his own to go, which I somehow doubt.

Today is exactly one year since my previous car was stolen. How time flies. As much as I miss that car, I'm glad it got stolen cos after that incident my luck turned around for the better. Call it nonsense or whatever but it was as if that car was weighing me down. It could all just be a coincidence but things were not easy for me back then. The moment that car got stolen, things took an 180 degree turn and started looking up.

I now run my own business, albeit one with a partner. I don't worry as much as before about things. Life is much more comfortable these days. I would say, with the exception of one or two things, life in general is way better than before. So, as much as that old beat up car has served me well and that I miss the car, I would say good riddance, hopefully whomever stole that car is having my old share of bad luck ... LOL!

Ok, I need to go blow my nose which is now threatening to drip all over my keyboard. I don't think I want to add sending my lappy to the shop for keyboard repairs due to a leaky nose on my Monday blues list.

You all have a nice Monday and spare a thought for the people of Japan, ya.


  1. Get well soon - and stay out of the rain! The weather is crazy these days.

    And I'm glad that things are better for you. It's like feng shui. To lets good things in, you must let the bad things go :P

  2. Get well soon. Take it easy.

    I'm on a day off today. :)

  3. maybe your hatred for Mondays is cause of your troubles?) maybe need to love them, and Mondays will be the most lucky days of the week

    skull models

  4. Oh no! Feel better soon - hope your car gets fixed asap!

  5. Hopefully you are feeling much better today. Take care!

  6. Sriyany - Thanks. I'm well on the road to recovery, nothing a good run couldn't cure :D

    I have to agree with that feng shui thingy :D

  7. Lina - Thank you :D Wah, you on leave, cool :D

  8. Anthony - You have a valid point but Mondays and me have been enemies for quite a while now ... LOL!

  9. Meleah - Thanks :D Am already on the road to recovery.

  10. Wenny - Thanks :D Almost back to my normal self.


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