Friday, May 20, 2011

Here We Go Again!

An excerpt from the Star Online today.

DPM: Prepare for price increases

KANGAR: The Government has urged Malaysians to be mentally prepared to face an increase in prices on various products due to increase in oil prices and reduction in food supply caused by changes in the global climate.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said Malaysians should control their expenses and learn to increase their own food supply.

Here we go again. The same old story about an impending price increase. While I know certain prices will inevitably go up but to hear the same old sad story from the leaders of this country, especially the Deputy Prime Minister is just plain saddening.

Here he goes telling us that the prices of things are going to increase and has the bloody cheek to ask us to control our expenses and learn to increase our own food supply! What does he think I'm doing right now? Spending like there is no tomorrow?

I've already cut down on my expenses so much that I don't know how to cut it down anymore. If I do cut it down anymore, the entire family would have to go outside and eat the grass growing by the roadside. Does he even know how the people of this country are struggling just to make ends meet? In fact, does he even bother?

Why doesn't he give up all his perks and try to live on the salary the people are getting and then see if he can further cut down his expenses while the bloody government decided to increase the prices of good whenever they deem fit and then ask us to sacrifice even further while they still live lavishly.

Do they even know how many people there are out there that hardly have enough to eat? And to use the same old story of asking people to cut down on their expenses is so freaking downright lame and irresponsible of them!

Like I said, I know the price of things will go up eventually but isn't it the job of the government to look out for our well being instead of making our lives even more difficult? Here we have people starving and hardly a decent home to live in but you get reports of the government wanting to provide email accounts for everyone and are willing to pay RM50 Million to set up this programme. Hello, we all have emails and it's free as well la!

See how they stupidly want to spend money and then have the cheek to ask us to control our expenses. At least I don't pay for free things! I really, really hope and pray that the rest of you people who voted for this batch of so called 'learned intelligent people' come to your senses and vote them out of power in the next election cos otherwise, we'd all soon be fighting for that small plot of grass outside our house just to eat!

With that said and done, I'm on leave today and will endevour to just enjoy my time off. It'll also give me time to figure out how to 'control my expenses' even further and how to 'increase my own food supply', whatever that means.

Oh, and they're even mulling the re-introduction of the one sen coin as a way to reduce the public's expenses. Yeah, I'm sure the one sen is going to help me a heck of a lot! Try mulling something a little more intelligent, like inpatient substance abuse treatment for a change!


  1. Enjoy your off-day Nick. No need to think so much about cutting down the expenses coz it's no point paying attention to these hoodlums who never had the best interests of the people in their mind. They fight their way to the top to fill their own pockets. Everyone just need to do the one needful thing ... VOTE THEM OUT!!!

  2. Sugar go up 10sen per kilo, food can go up by 50sen per plate. How can that be?

    Hmm.... pity the lower income bracket people lah... :(

  3. I am working very hard to make the garden edible.. so far we got mulberry and onions... papayas... and and...i am trying hard to plant a cow and some chickens ^.^

    just the rich getting richer.. the poor will just get worse. And the cronies will get fatter... with bigger stomach.. urmm where did your stomach go.

    We buggers in the small town just plant our own potato and eat sweet potato with porridge only la if things are gonna get worse.

  4. I doubt the idiot even knows how to control HIS expenses! I'd like to see him growing his own garden like Anny here :)

  5. Wenny - Hoodlums are the perfect description for them. I know I want to vote them out and I hope the rest of the country feels the same way.

  6. Lina - Maybe they all failed at Math in school. 10 sen increase of raw goods equals 50 sen increase of end product. Epic Fail!

    Not just the lower income are feeling it, the middle income also affected.

  7. Anny - Hahahahahahahahahaha @ planting cows and chickens! But if you do manage to plant some cows and chickens, spare some to us poor folk over here, ya.

    At least you guys got garden to plant things, over here, they all cutting all the trees and putting up concrete buildings and malls! I wonder if cement tastes good or not?

  8. Sriyany - It's easy for him to talk and give stupid advise. He doesn't have to worry about his finances cos we all know 'how' they stay so rich!

  9. That's the problem with our leaders... they have 0 problem solving skills.


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