Monday, May 2, 2011

A Laborious Day ... Not.

It's a labor day holiday over here and I'm just idling away lazily at home looking through this magazine about the best cellulite treatments and doing absolutely nothing which is something I haven't done in quite a while. The weather is out, the weather is lovely and hopefully it stays that way all day.

The only thing is doing nothing is absolutely boring. I'm planning to go out somewhere for some retail 'sports' therapy but have no idea where just yet. All the malls around this area are getting just a tad to boring these days.

I suppose I could go down to the malls in the city but both wifey and me don't fancy heading in town especially on a holiday and walking around malls packed with people. I suppose it's probably going to be one of the malls nearby again I guess.

The younger boy is out somewhere in the park nearby doing some community painting work and until he comes back, we can't go out just yet. I've got loads of books that I bought recently which are still unopened so I guess with the time I have right now, it's probably the right time to start reading them.

I've recently become hooked on this author called James Rollins and have been buying his books one after another but time hasn't permitted me to read them yet. Wifey thinks I'm a little nuts in buying books and not reading them so she decided to read them instead ... LOL! Well, she seems to be enjoying my James Rollins books so at least it's not wasted buying loads of them.

Ok, I gotta go, wifey is preparing lunch and I'm going to help her with it. You all have a nice holiday and have fun :D


  1. It's been nice and lazy for me this Labour Day weekend. Made some new friends over at the gym too. ^^

  2. rollins any good? i never read his books before :D

    its supa dooper melting hot here... we are just all melting here.. especially the curly.

    don't even go to town.. it will be horrendous.. i think :D

  3. Yesterday was my super lazy day. I didn't vacuum or mop and just did very minor tidying. The only thing i did was cook lunch and dinner.. the rest of my time was spent in front of the TV with kids. Sundays just do that to me.

    Today is no labour holiday because i've been cleaning the house since morning to make it spick and span and now is the only time i've got free. Planning to read but I know i'll fall asleep. My eyes even tricked me into reading Obama bin Laden.. instead of Osama. hahaha!

  4. Lina - The past two days were hectic for me what with running a 22K run and then doing the grocery shopping. Only today I got to really laze around seeing as it's my day off from running too.

    Some new running buddies, huh? It's always good to have some new friends to spur you on :D

  5. Anny - I would recommend James Rollins 100% :D Even wifey loves the book.

    Ya, it's darned hot here too but I'm sure it'll rain later this evening.

    No need to think, I'm sure it'll be horrendous!

  6. Shemah - I was busy all through Saturday and Sunday. Today was the only day I got to laze around and I'm utterly enjoying it :D

    Reading does that to me too, especially if I'm reading in bed. The next thing you know, the book is put down and I'm snoring away ... LOL!

  7. Sports therapy? Go la UK then betul2 can do sports therapy if ya know what I mean... LOL! Anyway hope u had a great 3-day weekend! Miss la Pebbles! :(

  8. Marzie - Aiyoo, so long never see you comment here la! I wish I had the money to go to UK la, Ulu Kelang also no money to go ... hehehe ...

    I'm enjoying my holiday :D Drop by Spiffy la, Pebbles is over there this weekend :D


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