Saturday, April 30, 2011

Time In A Bottle

It's been almost two weeks since my last blog post! It would have been an unheard of thing for me not to post almost daily a year ago but these days I just can't seem to find the time to sit and blog. God knows I've got tons of things on my mind that I want to write about like industrial pumps but physically I don't have the time.

I have too many things on my plate to keep me busy all day long which doesn't leave me a lot of time to blog. I have six other blogs which have been equally neglected and I'm toying with the idea of shutting some of them down. After all, what's the point of having loads of blogs and not have the time to update them.

But of course, the key word here is 'toying', I don't even think I have the time (or the heart) to shut them down anyway. For now, I'll just post when I have the time to post or really need to bitch about something immediately ... LOL!

It's slightly more than a year since I started out my inkjet business partnership and while it has its ups and downs, things seem to at least be moving in the right direction. I remember when we first moved into our office space last year, it was so huge that I said we could even open a futsal stadium in there, well after one year of business and buying quite a bit of additional new machines, the place now looks so tiny and we can hardly move around without bumping into something. And we still have two more huge machines coming in next month. I think we'd probably have to be walking single file in the office soon ... LOL!

I suppose I can't complain. Better to have the funds to keep on buying new machines than no funds to even pay the wages, right? Hopefully we'll be moving on to bigger things once the new machines come in to compliment the ones we already have. That's probably going to leave me even less time to blog.

It's also been a year since wifey and me decided to do something about our health and I'm happy to say that we're both now leaps and bounds healthier today than we were a year ago. We started out with simple workouts and jogging sessions to more serious running in a every road race we can find these days.

What started out as something to just keep us healthy has now become a passion for the both of us. We're now more serious about our running (me especially) and are constantly on the lookout for more races to take part in to put all the training we do to the test. We already have a whole lot of races lined up till the month of October and are expecting to add a lot more before the year ends.

The passion we have for running these days is especially apparent in our wardrobe. We actually have more running gear, clothes and accessories than we do casual clothing ... LOL! Our first stop in any shopping mall these days are always the sports outlets and though we practically know what they sell there we must always visit them in the hope that they have some new product we haven't seen before!

I already have my eyes set on the new Nike+ GPS Sports Watch that has been released in the US and will only be launched here in Jun or July to replace my existing Nike+ Sports Band. While the Sports Band has and is serving me well but the moment I laid my eyes on the Nike+ GPS Sports Watch I decided that I MUST have it. Though at RM700-RM800, it's a little more pricier compared to the Sports Band. I guess I'll be skipping lunch and saving my lunch money until June to have enough to buy it ... LOL!

Ok, I have to go now. I've used up my blogging quota for the week already ... hahaha ... I've got loads of things to do today that includes helping wifey with the household chores, getting some office work done, napping and going grocery (and sports) shopping later this evening. No running for today cos it's my rest day and besides I'm planning a long run session tomorrow anyway.

Happy weekend and enjoy the day off on Monday :D To those taking part in the Borneo International Marathon tomorrow, all the best!


  1. I'm still just eyeing the Nike Sportbands. ^^

    Adidas has its MiCoach too, but I think I like the Nike one better.

    Wah! Taking part in Borneo Int Marathon? All the best to you and have fun running the marathon! :)

  2. Lina - Yes, the pretty cool but the Nike one way cooler ... hehehe ... The MiCoach is more voice than visual. I like to look at my timing and pace while I run and the Nike is just perfect :D

    No la Lina, I wish I was taking part in the BIM. Next year maybe la, see my financial situation dulu ... LOL!

  3. Nick,

    Wanted to ask you... now that I've hit my 6K, my kaki starting to show signs kena blister. How do you avoid that?

    Never mind. I'm sure you'll be joining the runners there next year.

    Just finish my run at 4.50pm! Started at 3.40pm. Crazy or what? Lucky the weather isn't so hot today. I was bored at home, and now I'm just like you. Think about running all the time. Although I don't run as far pr fast as you yet. XD

  4. Lina - Oooo blisters. The causes are normally associated with shoes sizes too small (normally shoes are to be 1/2 a size bigger), a shoe that is too tightly tied or loose socks that rubs against your feet when you run (socks have sizes too). Try applying some Vaselin on the blister prone areas before you run.

    Wah, you run so early ... hehehe ... looks like somebody is hooked to running already. Good for you :D But take it slow, remember to work the mileage up progressively, no need to rush, you've got all you life to run :D

  5. Yeah, that's the problem. Realised too late that the shoes fits just nice, and my left feet is a bit longer than the right. Only felt the tightness after running a few KMs.

    Hahaha... yeah, got the running bug already! I'm pacing myself. 10% per week, but seems like every time I run, I run a bit further. Not much, by a few hundred metres but just a little bit more that what I initially set out. ^^

  6. 10% increase each week, I mean. ^^

  7. Lina - You can always try using thinner socks since your shoes are perfect fits, that might help a little :D

    Keep it up and soon you'll be going further and further.

  8. Lina - 10% is actually the right way to increase :) Not too much, not too little.

  9. Napping is part of your things to-do-today? :P


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