Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weekend Takes ...

Take One

I'm thinking of going out to catch the X-Men: First Class movie tonight but I have my reservations about the movie. While I'm a diehard Marvel (and DC) comic fan and it's always a thrill to see the heroes of your comic book come to life, I always dislike it when they change the origins of a particular comic book hero.

I grew up with comics (I still have loads of them from my childhood days safely tucked away in my wardrobe) and can recite any single superhero's origin, background or power without even having to think about it but to see it totally changed in a movie can sometimes be pretty frustrating. But I guess it has to be done to keep it current so people will actually go and see the movie. But change of origins or otherwise, I still love watching my comic book heroes come to life :D

Take Two

Unless you've been living under some rock in some jungle somewhere, you've all probably (I say probably cos some people may in fact still be living under a rock somewhere ... hahaha!) heard about the Obedient Wives Club (OWC). I don't really have much to say about it except that it gives me a good laugh reading about it. I also think that a piece of rock has way more brains than the members of this silly club.

In this day and age, I cannot fathom we have people like this living among us. They would fit in perfectly in the era of the cavemen so I've decided to christen them with a new abbreviation for their prestigious club which is Club of Obedient Wives (COWs) ... hahaha ... cos that's what they're really fighting to be anyway.

I mean absolutely no insult to the real cows, okay :)

Take Three

I've been on a two day break from running to recuperate from an ankle pain. The thing about running is once you get addicted to it, you simply hate having to rest, especially from an injury but sometimes you just have to suck your gut in and admit that you need to rest (either that or get the killer stare from wifey ... LOL!).

And the bad thing about having to rest from an injury is when you're out somewhere driving and see another runner on the road, you have this sudden urge to run him/her down ... hahaha ... you simply cannot stand or rather sit while someone else is so happily running on the road!

But with the upcoming Standard Chartered KL Marathon in a few weeks times, the rest is welcomed as I do not want to be injured and not be able to take part, that would be a disaster! So, it's a couple of days rest from running for me.

Take Four

The weekend is here and you would think it's a time for rest but the amount of household chores that wifey and me have will take the entire first half of the day to complete. We do it in stages though. She starts with the laundry, I start with the kitchen, then it's time to log on and blog and then stage two which is the dining area followed by more blogging time and then the living room with another blogging session thrown in and finally the bedroom and more blogging ... LOL!

If we just did the chores nonstop at one go, we'd probably finish it in half the time but where's the fun in that? At least this way, it makes doing the chores more interesting :D


  1. I don't think I can ever do the housework in stages ... it'll probably stressed the hell out of me. I'd have to think that I have OCD!

  2. I like to do my chores in on shot. Otherwise, Id procastinate! ^^

  3. Wenny - LOL! Actually the same here but these days I prefer to take things easy and do it at my own pace.

  4. Lina - Hahaha ... Doing at one go tires me out and hurts my feet due to too much standing. You know la, these days my feet pretty important one ... LOL!

  5. X-Men was pretty good - much better than the previous x-men movies. Although I think the history between Prof X and Magneto was a bit off the mark but still entertaining to watch :)

    If I get started on OWC, I won't stop and I'll have to apologize for my language!

    And I love how you and wifey make housework fun :)

  6. Sriyany - though I don't like what I've read about the origin development, I still am gonna catch it :D

    I really didn't realize there were still prehistoric women like that on this planet.

    If we didn't think up ways to make housework fun, it would never get done ... hehehe!

  7. I enjoyed X-Men. The hubby who is also a Marvel comic fan said it's a good watch.

  8. Carol - I really must go catch it :D


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