Sunday, June 5, 2011

Crossing The Line At The New Balance 15K

The New Balance 15K race is over and done with and it was one of the most pleasant races I've ran in ages :D The morning produced beautiful running weather and the route was well planned. The race organization was excellent with loads of promotional products and I have nothing but praises for it.

The only negative thing I have to say is that I'm pissed with my Nike+ Sports band that gave me wrong distance readings and totally threw off my pacing during the run. I can't wait for the Nike+ GPS Sports watch to hit these shores so I can be the first in line to get it!

But overall I'm happy with my time and crossed the finish line in a time of 1 hour 25 minutes for the 15K :D It's always feels great to cross the finish line of any race. I felt fine throughout the run and thankfully, my work related injury was fully healed and my legs and lungs were in excellent working order. Now I'm really looking forward to the Standard Chartered KL Marathon in 3 weeks time.

As mentioned earlier, the race was properly organized and there were lots of promotional food items for the runners after the run. I had a fun time gulping down cup after cup of my favorite Gatorade drink. I also confess to feasting on one packet of free nasi lemak (yes, there were giving free nasi lemak too) being offered and tons of watermelons too :D

A big shout out goes to wifey for successfully completing her maiden 15k in a very respectable timing :D I'm so darned proud of her. She's come a heck of a long way from someone who hated running to one who can't get enough ... LOL! Good for you honey. Thank god I'm not working tomorrow, can recover from today's run :D And now, I leave you with some pictures of the race.

My finisher medal :D

Runners crossing the finish line ...

Some runners nearing the finish line ...

More runners ...

Happy and relieved runners at the finish line



  1. Good on ya. I injured my ankle quite some time ago, and running makes it swell up for a bit. I dunno if my aim to run a race by the end of this year will become a reality or not. Sigh.

  2. Congrats! Yay~ I need to get back to my running, too much slacking, it's like I had to go back to basic hehe.

  3. Terra - Ice and self massage and a little rest should get that ankle back in shape and ready for you to run in no time :D

  4. Maslight - Thanks Mas :D But you're doing other training besides running so it's not too bad la :D

  5. "crossed the finish line in a time of 1 hour 25 minutes for the 15K"

    Wow! Holy, impressive.

    And congrats to your wife also. That's a huge accomplishment.

  6. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. congrats on the timing..and medal :D awesome! Your wifey must be feeling on top of the world now :) For someone who never ran in her life, i am most proud of her.

    bet your bones are aching now ya? hehe

  7. Meleah - Thanks :D I'm actually very proud of wifey :D

  8. Anny - She is :D She's really on cloud nine for finishing her maiden 15K and I'm so happy for her :D

    Aching doesn't even begin to describe it la, I wish they had shops to buy new legs ... hahaha!

  9. Well done Nick! Congrats to your Wifey too! What a coincidence, you managed to catch a KK Pacers runner in one of your pic.

  10. Awesome job, Nick! :) I have a long way to go but I'm not giving up. I think there's no giving up when it comes to running because it's just crazy addictive right? LOL! :)

  11. Shemah - Thanks :D Good for you, take one step at a time and soon you'll be one of those crazy people like me and wifey joining every race we can find ... LOL!

    And yes, running is TOTALLY addictive :D

  12. Hi Nick, it's the 2nd pic not counting the medal pics. The guy right in front (some runners nearing the finish line ...). Next time do capture my pic lar!

  13. Wenny - Ok, ok, next time I'll try to capture your pix ... LOL! Not that I would recognize you anyway.


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