Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Work, Run, Politics

This is going to be a busy month for me, both work-wise and also running-wise (yes, yes, I can't go a day without talking about running these days ... LOL!).

On the work front, a new routing machine, and no, it's nothing like echo trimmers, just came in and we'll have to work even harder to get more new businesses to justify the cost of the machine and to cover overheads. That means I'll be out of the office much more these days looking for potential new clients to add on to the ones we already have. Not that I'm complaining cos I don't really like sitting in the office all day anyway.

I'm still having staffing problems in the sense that 80% of the people we hired (I'm not involved in the hiring of staff) are morons that need constant supervision all the time. The only good news is at least we have one fairly new staff that is heaven sent and can work without being told what to do. He's so full of initiative that I wish I had more people like him here. He's so efficient we confirmed his appointment immediately and are making him head of production at the end of this month to whip the rest of them into shape.

On the race front, it's also going to be a pretty hectic month with one race after another. I just finished my Standard Chartered half marathon event and did a pretty good run :D I enjoyed it so much that next year, I'm going to take part in the full marathon! You can read my race review at my Happy Feet blog if you're bored and have nothing better to do ... hehehe ...

This weekend end will be the NTV7 Feel Good Run, a short 7KM event followed by the Siemens 10K the following Sunday and the Men's Shape Night Run 12.3KM race in Putrajaya at the end of July. It's practically a race a week for the month of July and I'm so darned excited ... LOL! In fact the month of July is so packed with races that I had to skip a few cos they clashed with some of the races I've signed up for.

There is the Ipoh International Half-Marathon this Sunday that I would have loved to take part but unfortunately I signed up for the NTV7 run way in advanced, maybe next year. At least I could bring the boys and Pebbles along cos I can just leave Pebbles with this new doggie sitting service called Annyboo Doggy Sitting Centre. What? You haven't heard of it? LOL! I wonder if she'll babysit the boys too?

I have to get back to work now but I just couldn't leave without taking a swipe at this news report I read in the Star Online this morning. My comments are in red.

Stand by Barisan and there’ll be a whole lot of good, Najib urges the people.

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysians are promised of a more vibrant Cabinet and a country that continues to be safe should Barisan Nasional be voted into power again, said the Prime Minister. (Who the heck is he trying to kid?)

More young candidates would also be fielded for the next general election, said Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

“We need to have a fair representation from both the younger and older generation in the Cabinet. (I totally agree, as long as they're NOT anyone from the current ruling parties!)

“If you give me the mandate during the next election, I will be able to make these changes,” (Yes, changes that will NOT benefit the rest of the country) he said during a question and answer session at an event by Young Corporate Malaysians' (YCM) here last night.

Other changes he mentioned included strengthening the English language in schools, taking steps to retain talented young Malaysians and adjusting wages to commensurate with skills. (I'll believe it when I see it!)

Najib also pledged to keep the country safe.

“Malaysia is a blessed country, let us not destroy it. The election will be the best time to decide which party is best to govern this country,” he said. (I agree, vote them out and the country will be a better, safer and blessed place to live in, at least it couldn't be worse!)

When several participants raised their concern about the rising cost of living, Najib replied that Malaysians lived a relatively comfortable life compared with many other countries. (Is he for real? Does he even know how many people live in poverty over here?)

“The price of fuel, sugar and flour in Malaysia are still the cheapest in the region,” (I totally hate this same repetitive statement) he said, adding that the Government was doing its best to help the people cope. (By raising the price of everything???)

On transportation, Najib said the Government might look into reducing the tax on foreign cars once the Goods and Services Tax (GST) was introduced. (Bleh!)

To another question, Najib reiterated that vernacular schools would remain part of the national education system despite certain views that such schools were a hindrance to racial integration.

Najib wanted more efforts to be made to increase inter-school activities between students from vernacular and national schools.

With that said and done, a blessed Tuesday to all of you and please remember to vote wisely for a better Malaysia!


  1. A whole lotta good we will have.. yeh yeh yeh... and it has been cow years... that we have been having a whole lotta goody goods. period.

  2. u can hire me to whip yer staff into working mode.. cos i can nag them till kingdom come.. or they would probably resign by end of the day *LOL*

    If ur @ the run with wifey.. i can always babysit your boys and Pebbles for you. But.. our "biz" blom ada signboard yet. So you might have a tough time finding us.. *lol*

  3. More work is good - otherwise it gets boring. Oh, and happy running to you (and wifey!) :)

  4. Ini barulah run! That's quite a hand full of run you have there in your calendar Nick. Well,at least for me, that is a lot. Haha!

  5. Cheh! BN has been the ruling party since time immemorial. Really so good one ah? Maybe a change in the administration is the thing needed to make all those fat politician realised that Malaysians arent stupid. I sure wasnt having fun seeing my hardearned money goes to waste by the government who spend on useless projects and substandard work.

  6. Anny - The only people who are enjoying the goodies are him and his cronies! Let's really vote them out this time.

  7. Anny - Hahaha ... nag them till kingdom come, that would be good, but the pay is just peanuts only you know, unsalted some more ... LOL!

    Aiyaaa, I can print the signboard for you one ... friends get cheap, cheap one ... hehehe!

  8. Sriyany - True but sometimes it can be such a chore :D

  9. Carol - Those are the ones that are confirmed. Ada lagi I belum register yet but will do so soon ... hehehe ...

  10. Lina - Well said, I agree with every single word you wrote. I know I'll do my part to vote them out, I just hope the rest of Malaysia has the courage to do that, like I said, it can't be any worse than what we're suffering through now.

  11. Sick of politik Malaysia..... Happy running, happy working and happy blogging! :)

  12. Ugh. I hate watching/reading the news these days. They better get voted out come next GE.

  13. Marzie - I have to agree, which is why we have to do something about it :D

  14. Terra - Same here. We really, really, really need a change soon.


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