Thursday, June 30, 2011


Darn it, I just received some bad news today and I'm pissed! The Siemens 10K run which I've signed up for has been postponed. It was scheduled to be for the 10th of July a day after the planned Bersih march but I guess the organizers are just being cautious and not taking any chances.

While I'm all for the Bersih march, I don't see why the heck people (read the government and it cronies) are making such a big fuss about it. If they've got nothing to hide or be afraid of, then why are they so pissing their pants in fright cos of this peaceful march?

I know the march is a peaceful one and will remain a peaceful one unless some moron goes and instigate trouble and give those high handed men in blue a reason to arrest everyone but I still am disappointed that the run has been postponed.

Though only a 10K event, I've had my mind set to run this event and now I don't even know when they're going to schedule the race ... siggghhh ... hopefully they don't reschedule it to clash with some other race I've signed up for. Then I really will be pissed and maybe throw some gold bullion at the organizers ... LOL!

There is one good news though, the MPSJ run has also been postponed for the same reasons as above (I'm only guessing, it could also be because they want to buy gold bullion) but this time I'm glad it is postponed cos I didn't sign up for this race as it was going to clash with my Siemens run the next day. Now, with the postponement, I hope they reschedule it for a weekend I can take part :D

My weekends are so filled with race events (albeit short distance races) that that I'm having a hard time remembering all of them. Remembering to buy bullion would be so much easier :D Now, with all that said and done, I wonder if I were to use my yellow Brooks running vest for my races, will I be arrested as I cross the finish line? LOL! If I were Ronald McDonald, I'd be in hiding now cos that yellow suit of his is just asking for trouble ... hahaha!


  1. I just wonder why the rally (I hope it's going to be peaceful, and not made havoc by the enforcement as much as the protesters), is going to be so detrimental to the economy? Worry about Malaysia image? We're already a joke lah... with all those "enlightened" things our politicians had said to the media.

  2. Lina - We're definitely a joke to the rest of the world. Let's just hope things will change after the GE. Kick them out I say.

  3. yellow... is my favourite color :)

  4. Anny - If I don't see you online in the next week or so, I'll know you're in jail and I'll come visit you during CNY ... hahaha!

  5. If you don't see me online next week, see me offline la.. aparaaa! You DID promised me a cheap cheap signboard.

  6. Anny - I did? Where got cheap signboard la these days? Maybe one in yellow? LOL!


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