Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bersih Funnies

The Bersih 2.0 rally has been staged and as far as I'm concerned it was a HUGE success. Before I go any further, a huge congrats goes out to all the real Malaysians who were at the rally today. You're all heroes in my book :D

Well, now that the rally is over, I'm having a blast and laughing my head off reading all the utterly stupid statements by the government and the authorities who are in a total state of self denial about the success of the Bersih 2.0 rally.

I'll just state a few here so you can also laugh or snicker along with me while shaking your head in disbelief at their utterly silly statements. The first one come from that silly fellow in charge of the thugs in blue.

IGP: We counted only 6K. 

That fellow definitely needs a pair of glasses or he must have sucked at math in school. He probably needs a calculator to count anything more than his 10 fingers ... LOL! 6,000 people indeed. From what I saw online and all pictures that was coming in, 6,000 was only a tiny fraction of those brave Malaysians.

Thank god we're not blind and we can count. With Facebook and twitter and all those other live sites out there, you cannot tell a lie and get away with it. And to think this guy is the leader of our police farce, I mean force. It's no wonder the acid splasher is still at large.

The next bit of comedy comes from non other than our 'favourite' prime minister himself.

Najib calls it a 'small group'.

Another man with eyesight problems and probably sucked at math in school too. A small group is 20-30 people la Mr. Prime Minister. Tens of thousands is not at all a small group compared to that 1000 plus (who were probably paid or threatened to attend) people you addressed at some stupid function today while the people of Malaysia were fighting for their rights. With people like you desperately clinging on to power when we all clearly want you to step down, it's no wonder this country is the way it is.

Another bit of excerpt from him says:

'Najib said he was glad the majority of Klang Valley residents, especially those who live in the national capital, did not join in the rally, adding that it showed they were not supportive of the street demonstration.'

Just because people stayed at home doesn't mean they didn't support the rally, Mr. Prime Minister. Have you seen the tweets and Facebook support? Have you seen the amount of support coming from online? They even have a page called 100,000 People Request Najib Tun Razak Resignation! Maybe you didn't pay your broadband bill or something and couldn't go online but If this is the way you gauge things, you really should step down right this very minute la.

Next comes this statement from that low life we called the Home Minister, Hishamuddin.

Bersih disrespects the Agong (King), says Hisham.

From what I gather, the PM said he would allow Bersih to have the rally in a stadium upon the Kings advise. The Bersih steering committee, out of respect for our King agreed decided to cancel the street rally and use a stadium and then that forked tongue PM decided to go back on his word and deny the stadium thus leaving Bersih with no choice but to carry on with its plans. So, who's really being disrespectful to our beloved King now, Mr. Home Minister?

There's lots more of these comedic statements online and if you've got nothing better to do this Saturday night, hop over to places like Free Malaysia Today, Malaysia Kini or the Malaysian Insider and you'd probably be up all night laughing away at the stupidity of the government and its henchmen :D They really, really, really think we're all stupid.

A shout out goes to my best pal, Sean who braved the tear gas and water canons this morning to fight for what he believes in. You're my hero, buddy :D


  1. Much respect to those people!

  2. In most (sensible) Malaysian eyes, Bersih won today. I shook my head in disbelief at the 'funnies'. Are these the so-called leaders of our nation?

  3. It shows how loud the voices of the people are! All the high-handedness by the authority come to show their fear and all their nonsensical comments just reflect their stupidity. Whatever was the PM's self-gaining objective for 1Malaysia, the heroes of today's rally have 'bersih'-kan the true meaning of 1Malaysia.

  4. i was pleasantly surprise by the amount of malaysians that had gathered yesterday. it's not only in malaysia, but as well as melbourne and HK. I guess malaysians can really do magic in calling up for unity! :)

  5. Terra - You know Terra, I don't know if they're really just plain stupid or pretending to be stupid.

    Anyone can see that they're just in face saving mode and not doing it too successfully I might add!

  6. Wenny - Yes, whatever they try to spin, the rakyat really knows who won :D

  7. Jean - So was I :D The rakyat really want a change in this country :D

  8. Which i was there being part of the history,,,,,,,,sincerely i hope those BN goons will be gone coming next GE

  9. When I saw videos of the Melbourne rally on Facebook/YouTube, it was so nice to see that the police were friendly and commended Malaysians for organizing a peaceful rally.

    And look at our government - spraying tear gas and water cannons on their own citizens!

  10. kuning oh kuning.. i salute all the heroes that were there on that day. They made history that day.

    as for the rest.. of those sillies who harm unarmed citizens of Malaysia.. SHAME ON YOU.

    we all will just have to do the right thing come GE.

  11. Eugene - Good for you! Let's make sure the really get kicked out in the coming GE. Let's not let all this be in vain.

  12. Sriyany - It was a peaceful and civilized gathering everywhere in the world except in our own country where we're ruled by insecure leaders!

  13. Anny - They're the real heroes of this country. They have my respect and gratitude for the rest of my life. There is hope yet for Malaysia provided we kick those Putrajaya losers out in the next GE.

  14. "And to think this guy is the leader of our police farce, I mean force. It's no wonder the acid splasher is still at large."

    WOW!! That's crazy!!

  15. Meleah - It is and it gets worse everyday!


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