Friday, July 8, 2011

The Colors Of Freedom

I DESPISE the government, all its crony agencies, the law enforcement and every bit of machinery that is even connected to it and come the next general election and as many more elections to come, they can be sure my vote will never go to them! NEVER!

I was just caught in a chain effect of a police road block right smack in my residential neighbourhood of Subang Jaya, in an area that on a normal day, in fact everyday, is already synonymous with its infamous traffic snarls and those 'brilliant and intelligent' (I use those words VERY loosely) men in blue decide to punish everyone in this neighbour by setting up a roadblock right smack in front of the Summit Shopping centre and creating this nice long string of irate motorist who are just on their way back from work.

And I heard from another runner friend that they've also put up road blocks just at the exit of this neigbourhood thus bottling everyone up with inconvenience! 

For the benefits of my foreign readers and for anyone else who doesn't know, the government are trying to stop a coalition of NGOs called Bersih (literally means clean in Malay) with an aim of reforming the electoral process in this country from having a street rally tomorrow.

I'm not going to elaborate about it, just Google Bersih and you'd be able to know more. All I can say is the government is running scared and are doing everything within their powers to stop this rally and one of it is to create roadblocks right in the middle of major roads supposedly looking for banned Bersih paraphernalia and weapons.

Now, Bersih is a peaceful coalition and this weapons issue as far as I'm concerned is plain nonsense. They're just spiteful that the supporters of Bersih are not being intimidated by them and decided to make life difficult for everyone else with these stupid nonsensical roadblocks! People have to work and my job takes me outside to meet clients and being caught in jams created for reasons of spite is really pissing me off, BIGTIME!

The reasons they give for this roadblocks are ridiculous, checking for weapons and such but all they do is block a major 4 lane road into one lane and wave cars through without even stopping to check a single car. So how do they know that a particular car is carrying a weapon or Bersih 'propaganda' material? They've got super powers is it? They're like Superman and can see through cars is it? All they're doing is standing there and waving cars through this single lane and creating traffic snarls for miles on end! How does that equate to looking for weapon? Morons, that's what they are!

Please la, people are not stupid and everyone knows what you guys are doing. Trying to intimidate us is not going to work. People who didn't give two hoots about this Bersih rally are now bloody annoyed with the powers that be that they're actually rooting for Bersih. You guys are not only digging your own graves but sealing yourself inside the coffin and nailing it shut.

Practically everyone I've spoken to, from the mamak (Indian Muslim) food stall guy where I take my lunch, my delivery boy, my mechanic right up to all my customers, they all think the government are hopeless and it's time for a change. I haven't heard a single one condemning this peaceful Bersih rally and all of them are equally pissed with all the roadblocks and mischief the government are creating to stop this rally!

The people are not stupid, in fact we never were. We are just tolerant and peace loving Malaysians but we don't want to be screwed by you anymore. It's gone on for too long and it's time we all want accountability and it ain't gonna happen with the present government who are just more concerned about making themselves richer than actually looking out for the welfare of the very people who put them in power.

They claim we're a democratic country, do they even know what democracy means? We're being repressed over here. They make up all kinds of laws as and when it pleases them if someone decides to fight them? They arrest people wearing yellow just cause it's a color that is symbolic to the Bersih coalition. They say we're a democratic country but we're not allowed to speak up for our rights. Instead, they intimidate and threaten you with all kinds of acts and laws if you don't 'obey' their will. Yeah, we're really democratic all right. We've become the laughing stock of the entire world and we deserve it for letting this go on for so long.

I hope when the time comes, the rest of you don't chicken out and quietly vote them into power again. Vote for whom you think will take your interest at heart. Like I said before, it's only for five years and how much worse could it get if you vote for the opposition anyway? It'll probably be way better than the current regime! Right now, if there was an opposition party run by monkeys, I'd rather vote the monkeys than the current government!

So please, come the next general election, PLEASE think wisely and vote for whom you think will defend your rights as a free individual. Our children need to start living in a better Malaysia, the Malaysia I knew and grew up with. Now, if you don't see me online in the next few days, it means my democratic rights and free speech has been squashed and you can bring me cookies and cakes during festivals when you visit me in prison ... LOL!

Latest update as @ 9 July 2011

Cops uncover plan to attack Umno office

The acid spalasher they still can't apprehend till today and yet they can uncover plans of an attack? Hahahahahahahaha! They really think that Bersih would stoop that low! Please read this la, it's so funny, got Mission Impossible like messages such as 'Please burn after reading' ... Hahahahahahaha ... Thanks for the early morning laughs you bunch of comedians in blue!


  1. Bad jam to KL at Sg Besi toll just now. Why lah the government need to hassle the rakyat. We won't blame Bersih rally for this. We blame government and the over-eager enforcement for all the hassle! Ugh!

    How can we call our country democratic when we can't even trust our people to voice their opinion, esp in a peaceful manner. I doubt anyone want to create havoc and be like Egypt here. :(

  2. Lina - Exactly, we're a democracy in name only!

    I think if they've got nothing to hide, why all this nonsense? Only someone who is guilty of the said accusations will do anything to cover it up.

    Let's vote for change!

  3. @Nick,
    They are afraid of their own shadow. nd got so many skeletons in their closet. All takut it'll come out. Think we are all stupid ah? :(

  4. Lina - They've got tons of skeletons to hide la, which is why they're so opposed of this peaceful march to the point of showing no respect to the King.

    Whatever happens tomorrow, I pray for the safety of all those marching.

  5. Just shows that we're all in agreement. Time for the current 'powers that be' to be dismantled and chucked into the nearest monsoon drain! The stupidity baffles me.

  6. Terra - Totally agree. They HAVE to go!

  7. Yes, what is there to lose? Give the opposition a chance, let them have the free hand to run the country and let's see the diference. The current govt is tested & proven 'un-Bersih', what's there to lose with the opposition. Never try never know! After all, it's only 5 years if we want to change our minds again.

  8. Wenny - We really have to make our votes count and not be conned by the government anymore.

  9. Sigh..I cannot understand it either - how STUPID can the government be!

    I got so pissed off the other day that I felt like wearing yellow, hanging yellow stuff in my car and blasting the song 'Yellow' just to spite them. LOL!

  10. Sriyany - Let's just show them how stupid they really are come the next GE.

    I'm actually wearing yellow to work right now :D


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