Friday, July 15, 2011

Money, Money, Money!

I went out with my partner to the nearby commercial area this afternoon to get some stationary for the office and also check out some Pop up display systems at the same time. After getting the stuff we needed, he said he wanted to buy some 4D numbers since the shop was just a few doors away. Now, I'm not the kind to buy these lottery thingies mainly because I have no luck whatsoever when it comes to games of chance and secondly I have no idea how to buy one ... LOL!

Anyways, we head to the shop and there was a small queue of people ahead of him. Just before his turn, there was this elderly lady about to place an order for her numbers of chance. Nothing peculiar about it except that she was buying 4D numbers worth a total of RM800 or more! I stood in stunned silence watching her dish out RM100 after another to the cashier. Even my partner turned and gave me this wide eyed look.

Don't get me wrong, I know people spend quite a bit to buy this numbers and have seen people spend RM50-RM100 at one go but this is the first time I've seen anyone spend RM800 plus for some lucky draw numbers! I mean, that's more than some people's entire monthly wages, for gods sake!

You wouldn't catch me just throwing my money away like that on chance. I suppose she must have won big time before to spend that much and I know it's her money to do as she pleases but for gods sake, there are people in this world who don't even have enough to eat and some people just throw away good cash like that ... siggghhh!

I was still stunned speechless (and for a big mouth like me, that's saying a lot!) while we walked back to the car and drove to the office. Oh how I wish I was rich enough to simply throw away cash like that without blinking an eye!

On happier note, I'm going to watch the Liverpool vs Malaysia match tomorrow with my best buddy Adrian, though I don't know why since I'm a livelong Arsenal fan ... LOL! He messaged me last night and asked if I wanted to go with him (he's a livelong Liverpool fan) to watch the game with him. Since I was free, I agreed though I have no idea who to support cos I'm not a fan of either Liverpool or Malaysia ... hahaha! But I'm sure we'll have some fun since it's been a heck of a long time since we've hung out together.

At least I can wear yellow tomorrow without fear of being arrested cos I can just tell those silly boys in blue that I'm here to support the 'clean' playing Malaysian team in their yellow jerseys ... hahaha! Then again, those silly fellows in blue might just end up arresting the Malaysian team for wearing yellow. I wouldn't put it past them :D

With that said and done, have a happy weekend and don't forget it's yellow Saturday so wear something yellow :D


  1. That lady must have dreamt about some lucky numbers the night before lah. Or visited some old graveyard to get those numbers. LOL

    Did you buy your 2213 or not?

  2. Lina - You know, you have a valid point there :D

    Aiyooo, I really don't know how to buy 4D la ... LOL!

  3. Waw, old lady must be psychic or something. 800 bucks! Heck I could get a lot of stuff with that kind of money or get another smartphone geez. I've bought 4D before but didn't win. No luck. And I don't spend zomg 800 bucks. I still can't believe it. I think if I were there, my eyes would twitch like no tomorrow.

    Okay, maybe not, my eyes are twitching as we speak now. Btw, Nick, G+ invites, I'd invite u but I don't have your email, and yes, you can't download the app from Android Market coz it's not available for our region. Had to direct download it ;D

  4. 800! thats about the amount i can spend every month after deducting all debts and expenses...punya syiok can spend just like that on buying 4D....

  5. Maslight - I could buy two nice pairs of running shoes with that kind of money la!

    I managed to get the invite already but seriously, I don't think I'll be using it much la. Doesn't seem to impress me one bit.

  6. Carol - Exactly! It's like my entire months salary!

  7. wow..800 bucks! i hope she strikes it big coz otherwise *shakes head*....

  8. Sriyany - So do I and if she does, I hope she remembers to share some with this guy who staring at her with his mouth opened so wide while she forked out that sinful amount of cash ... LOL!


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