Sunday, July 17, 2011

We Are The Champions ...

There I was, a diehard Arsenal supporter since I was in primary 2, all alone amidst a sea of fanatical red supporters. The atmosphere was explosive to say the least. The sounds of trumpets and horns were played throughout the arena. The official battle theme of 'you'll never walk alone' was blaring in the air, over and over again.

Yes folks, I have a confession to make. Here I am, an Arsenal fan through and through, at a Liverpool match! I can hear you screaming,

'blasphemous traitor, off with his head!'

If only those supporters around me had known, they would have offed my head, that's for sure ... LOL! I had a great time last night watching the Liverpool vs Malaysia game with my buddy Adrian at the Bukit Jalil National stadium.

A sea of red ...
He messaged me on Thursday and asked if I wanted to go watch the match with him and I said yes, why not, which surprised him and to be honest, myself too. But he did come with me to watch Arsenal when they came down here 12 years ago, yes, twelve years ago buddy, that was how long ago it was and the least I could do was go watch a Liverpool game with him.

This bunch managed to sneak in beers! Says a lot for security :D
I must say the entire experience was explosive with a sea of the red supporters screaming and hollering anything and everything Liverpool. Though I wasn't a Liverpool fan, I joined in the revelry just the same. The only thing I hated was that we had to go early and sat facing the setting sun which slowly but surely roasted us dry until the match started around 5.50pm.

From the whistle go, the crowd were roaring non stop and since I was dressed in a nice green fluorescent tee, I ended up supporting the referees as they were dressed almost similar to me ... hahaha! Who else could I support? I'm no fan of the reds and neither was I a fan of our national team though they did put up a spirited display in the second half.

Fans not in agreement with the ref's decisions ...
I have to hand it to the Liverpool fans cos though they were there to support their team, their support for our national boys were just as loud as well. When Liverpool scored, they shouted and celebrated like crazy and when Malaysia scored, they shouted and celebrated in equal craziness. Good for them :D

It was an experience of a lifetime though unfortunately I couldn't post up any images online from the stadium cos by some silly unknown circumstance my cell refused to work in the stadium vicinity. The moment we left the area, the phone started working fine again! WTF?

The many food stalls outside the national stadium ...
I had a great night :D Kudo's goes to the national team who did a great job in the second half with a fine display of football but then, Liverpool were simply too good for them. But keep up the good work Malaysia and you just may hammer that dastardly blue Chelsea bums you're going to play with next ... LOL!

The only thing is I have lost my respect for Datuk K.Rajagopal, our national coach for bringing politics into the picture with his insistence of making his charges use the blue away kit instead of the traditional yellow home kit. Whatever he says, I think it had something to do with Saturday being the call to use anything Yellow by the 'illegal' Bersih organization.

Come on la Datuk, your excuse saying that it was their lucky kit doesn't hold water. As far as I'm concerned you did it to not piss off the powers that be. Admit it and I'll be fine with it. My respect for you went down even more this morning when I read in the papers that you criticized the rest of the Liverpool fans for turning up in their teams colors which is red saying that while he has no objections to them using the Liverpool colors, why couldn't they use the Malaysian color when it was only for one day.

Well Datuk, Liverpool doesn't play here everyday and did you not hear how all the fans there, Liverpool supporters and all were cheering on the Malaysian boys? Did you not hear the enthusiastic chanting of 'Malaysia, Malaysia, Malaysia' everytime the national boys were on the attack? Did you not hear how they shouted, jumped and clapped when Malaysia scored? I think that was support enough, right? Don't pick on the fans just cos they were using their favorite teams colors, after all, it was just for one day, right?

Anyways, my respect for you has taken a beating la. You're a great coach, I'll admit but after yesterday, I see you in a different light now. All the best to the Malaysian team when they take on Chelsea and I truly hope they'll come out in their traditional yellow home kit this time!


  1. hahaha... my friends were at the match too yesterday. and he said there was one guy so daring that he wore man u jersey. He was asked to take it off by the crowds nearby, at last he has to wear his jersey the wrong side. :P weird guy!

  2. i'm so glad to know that you guys had fun! it's always nice to catch up wt yr buddy! :) pls send my regards to Adrian if he remembers me. :P

  3. yeah, i had to agreed that it was a great match! i was watching live telecast wt my hubby. Of coz the ambiance was less exciting from watching at stadium but we did shout in excitement too.. :D

    Bravo to Malaysia!! I love Safee!!! hehe

  4. Jean - That guy was suicidal la. Even I don't dare wear my Arsenal jersey ... LOL!

  5. Jean - It's always fun hanging out with close friends. I'm sure he remembers you :) I'll send him your regards :)

  6. Jean - Actually iI missed listening to the commentary on tv la. It was fun though :)

  7. I like the part where you and buddies could literally sneaked in beers,,,,,,bet it was just like watching football match with buddies at home and with beers.......

    not into football much now,,,,my fav sports are running and my fav has always been Spurs...........

  8. Sigh there will always be someone to say/do something stupid. In this case, the coach.

    Lucky you were not in your Arsenal jersey otherwise you might have end up like that kid who wore the Man U jersey to the match and was forced to take it off by the crowd.

  9. Hi Nick, as a local football follower, just to point out that there's nothing political about the statement by coach Raja. Definitely nothing to do with BERSIH thing, not piss off the powers that be etc etc. The blue shirt is indeed our lucky jersey, the national team won Sea Games 2009 gold, became the South East Asian champion last year, qualify to the later stages of both World Cup and Olympic qualifying, all by wearing blue. Each time we wear yellow, we get spanked hard by the opponent (1-5 to Indonesia, 0-4 to Arsenal, 2-3 to lowly Taiwan some of the example). Google it up if you don't believe me. That's why even for some important home matches, the team wear blue. The yellow is jinxed or something haha. Hope this clarify matters :)

  10. Eugene - Actually I'm not into football either, to me it was just a fun outing with a good buddy :D

    And for me, it's Arsenal all the way :D

  11. Sriyany - Yeah, those Liverfool ... urrmmm, I mean Liverpool supporters are a deranged bunch of people! LOL!

  12. Pippo - Thanks for that bit of info but I still think it was done in bad taste but credit goes to the Malaysian boys for their spirited second half display :D


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