Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Not Now!

We're in the midst of planning to go online with out business and I've been checking out web hosting companies all day in the office though I'm not feeling too well. I'm coming down with the sniffles and my throat feels a little raw. That's really not a good sign, especially with this weekend being the Shape Men's Health Night run in Putrajaya. I've been looking forward to this race since last year.

This race holds special meaning for wifey since it was the race that started her passion for running. She took part in the 5K fun run last year, which was her first ever road race and this year, she's upped the ante and is taking part in the 12K category along with me. No more 5K fun runs for that girl these days :D She's running further and further now and already has her mind set on doing a full marathon one day!

No matter what, I intend to be there this weekend to join her for the 12K though this bloody sniffles is not helping. I contracted this from the elder boy who for some reason only known to himself, decided to walk home from school in the rain last Friday and was down with the flu since then. Both wifey and me are perplexed as to why didn't he at least put on his raincoat which was in his bag. He probably thought it was uncool to put it on and took the walking in the rain option. Oh well, you know kids.

I've been pumping myself with tablets to try and combat this thing and have bundled myself up with my jacket in the office. It's never easy trying to run with the flu. You just suffer like crazy all through the run. I know how it feels cos I ran with the flu (and cough) during the Nike City 10K run last year and that 10K seemed like a 100K of torture! I was just glad to finish the run without passing out.

The weather doesn't help right now, what with it raining outside and making the entire office seem like the artic, especially when you're sick. I even have the air conditioning switched off in my room and though bundled in my jacket, I'm still cold ... siggghhh ... on any other day, I would rejoice for weather like this which is simply beautiful for running.

With that said and done, it's back to looking for some hosting guides to look at some of the best web hosting awards before deciding on which one is good for us. Maybe a nice hot, steaming mug of coffee will help with this sniffles and leaky nose. Then again, coffee always works wonders for me :D


  1. Get well soon. Oh man in my head I was thinking if u were to run with the sniffles your okay nvm, I'll keep my thoughts for myself. LOL!

  2. Oh dear, horrible time to fall sick. There's still couple more days to the race so get rest and drink hot honey/lemon - does wonders for flu :)

  3. The sniffles? oh boy... try manuka honey :)

    Boys will be boys. Walking in the rain seems fun. I used to do that too. And no way is he gonna wear a raincoat and walk. Its uncool. *lol* Kids are like that la.

    urmm.. if you really don't like them rain... could you please posraju some over. We could use some here.

  4. Get well soon, Nick. Hope it'll be all better for you before the run.

    Also good luck to both of you doing and training for full marathon.

    Boys walking in rain w/o raincoat. You can't expect them to wear it, do you? Even my 9yo boy wouldn't be caught dead wearing a raincoat. So uncool. XD

  5. Mas - Thanks. I just hope this goes away before the weekend but sniffles or not, I'm going to run even if it means I'm going to be dripping snort all over the route ... hahaha!

  6. Sriyany - Really bad timing la. Hot honey lemon? I'll try anything to get rid of this fast :D

  7. Anny - Manuka honey? I've never heard of it but I'll try anything to get well soon ... hehehe ...

    I used to wear my raincoat when it rained back in my school days and I thought I looked cooled in in, like some soldier or something, but then I was perasan case back then ... hahaha!

    Can, no problem, I go bottle some of the rain for you ... hahaha!

  8. Lina - Yeah, I guess it's so uncool to wear raincoats, maybe if Optimas Prime wore a raincoat they just might start wearing one too. Coolness outweighs common sense outright :D

    I actually haven't started my marathon training programme yet, once the Shape run over, then I'll get down to start on that marathon programme :D

  9. awww... poor you, nick! hope you and yr son get well soon!

    congrats to yr wifey for upgrading her walk! it's really good that both hubby and wifey runs together. :) me and my hubby does not hv this passion. :P but we play badminton together. hehe

  10. Jean - Thanks.

    It's always nice to have your partner share the same passion as you :D

  11. BT - I wouldn't have missed it for the world, yes I did run the race and had a good time, you can check my Happy Feet blog for details of the race.


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