Friday, July 22, 2011


I haven't written about Pebbles, that diva like shih-tzu that lives in my house in a long time. She actually thinks that this house belongs to her and we're just her slaves though ... LOL!

She's been with us for close to two years now and has become like one of the family that I don't think life would be the same without her. I can't imagine walking around the house without her following me running in between my legs like my shadow. I can't imagine not having her jump up the bed in between me and wifey every morning when the alarm sounds. I can't imagine not having to scold her every single night for barking and wanting to fight with the neighbours dog, who is twice her size, mind you!

And because of all the pampering she's been getting, she's become a little diva at home. She's also become so very comfortable with us compared to the first time she came to live with us. Back then, she was so afraid we'd leave her locked up in the room which was what her previous owner used to do that she would follow us everywhere we go, even when we went to the toilet.

We let her run loose around the house and do whatever she likes. The entire house is her playground and she even sleeps in the room with both wifey and me at nights. She has her own little favourite sleeping basket, which is a little too small for her these days though, in the room. But most nights, she'd just head under the bed to a spot near our heads to sleep. She loves that spot and would curl up in her little basket towards the earlier half of the morning when it's cooler and would jump into bed with us when the alarm rings every morning.

She's got a whole bunch of toys to play with though she has her own preference of toys that she constantly go wild with. And anything new that comes into the house has to go through her security check before it's allowed in ... LOL! She's gone from eating simple doggy biscuits to having her food, which is specially bought every week, prepared by me every night for her dinner. And it has to be microwave some more or she would snub it. Yes, I'm her personal chef every night. And if I'm slightly late in preparing her food, she'll come and sit next to me and give me this stare that says,

'Hey moron, it's dinner time, where's my food?'

Yes, she can be that demanding. She does the same thing to wifey when she wants snacks. She'll just sit there with this look and will not budge until wifey gives her a snack! This is the only dog I know that gets fed breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks in between ... LOL! She's become so attached to wifey that when she wants pampering, she'll just jump onto wifey's lap and lay there. I guess being at home with wifey all day has something to do with that.

Whenever I go to work, she'll always want wifey to carry her and see me off, every single morning and will always be at the door waiting with her tail wagging away wildly waiting for me when I drive in. Whenever wifey and me go out and leave her at home with the boys and happen to come back a little late, she'll be at the door barking and admonishing us for coming back so late ... hahaha!

Sometime when wifey and me are in bed chit chatting and we ignore her, she'll just jump in between us and start rolling around the bed trying to get our attention and won't stop until we acknowledge her. She loves it when people fawn and fuss over her. And sometimes when we purposely ignore her, she'll go to one corner and sulk ... hahaha!

She's also one very smart dog who knows how to use the toilet. Whenever she needs to do her business, she'll run into the toilet and once she's done, she'll come running out happily telling us she's done. That's my cue to clean up after her. I'm the designated toilet cleaner after she's done.

She loves her walks or rather runs in the park whenever I have the time to take her. She used to be so afraid of the body harness but now, the moment she sees it, her tail goes to 500 wph (wags per hour) and will simply run and pull me along all round the park. Can't help it la, she's a runners dogs what ... hahaha ... these days I use my running shoes and get in some runs along with her when I take her for her runnies, smart fellow, ain't I  ... LOL!

She's also got her list of people and things she hates like the neighbours dog which is her mortal enemy and whenever she gets the chance to run out, she's off to fight with that big dog. She really doesn't know she's a small little thing! She's got a big ego, this girl. She hates the postman, though I have no idea why and wifey says that she would bark like crazy whenever he comes by. She can hear his motorbike from miles away and run to the main sliding doors to bark at him :D She also dislike my younger boy cos he bullies her and she would always growl and warn him off if he tries to disturb her which he loves doing anyway.

Life for us is so much different compared to the days before we had her. She's brought a whole new definition to life for us. Now instead of having two kids to look after, we also have an additional one cos she's just like a little girl though not as stubborn and bratty as the other two, well one boy anyway ... LOL!


  1. SHe is so adorable. Just like a soft toy! :)

  2. Lina - Yes, she is like a soft toy at times :D

  3. She got both of you all wrapped up in her paw.. *LOL* Smart lil girl. Love her new cut with the short ears :) Piper has the same cut too.

    Shitzus.. always forget that they are small fellas... it has to do with the lion dog ego.. i think.

    glad she found her forever home with you guys. Else she'll probably still be in that dreadful toilet with her past owner. Why get a dog and keep them in toilets.

  4. Anny - Yup, she's got us wrapped around that little paws of hers ... hahaha ...

    That new cut is wifey's doing, she cut it herself :D

    I can imagine, they probably think they're as huge as Dalmatians la, small fellas with BIG egos!

    We never lock her up unless of course when we have to go out la, even then we leave her in our room to freely roam about until we're back :D

  5. Pebbles is forever adorable! I wonder if Pebbles can get along with Bam Bam since my Bam Bam too shares the same persona like Pebbles. Only Bam Bam's a male dog.

  6. Carol - I think she'll get along just fine with Bam Bam cos she only likes to fight with bih, huge dogs, the ones that are almost her size, she doesn't mind ... hehehe ...

  7. I am so in LOVE with Pebbles! These photos are killing me with cuteness!

  8. aww... nick, i love you even more now!! lol!! i love the soft side of you! :D
    i can feel so much loves and cares that you've given to your little pebbles! she's such a lucky doggie to have masters like you and yr wifey! :)
    oh, and she's so adorable!! :)

  9. Meleah - LOL! Don't let her hear you say that, she'll become even more demanding ...

  10. Terra - Adorable but extremely demanding too :D

  11. WebbieLacy - Welcome to my blog. LOL! She is cute but can be a handful at times :D

  12. Jean - Hahaha ... wifey and me both love the little doggy even though she can be extremely demanding at times la.

  13. Awww this is a very nice post on Pebbles. The pics look good! Especially the 2nd one with her big, round eyes :)

  14. Sriyany - Don't let her catch you saying that, she'll become more 'divaish' la ... hahaha ...


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