Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Subject Of Perfection

You know, when women say men can't be trusted and are oftentimes a bunch of perverts, well I think they're totally right in their assumptions. Wifey and me work on a basis of trust so it was only natural for her to show me this FB message she got from this guy called Richard.

Hi Pretty,
I came across your profile by
opportunity, would you mind to be my
friend? i must tell you if no one have
done, you the subject of perfection
and i wouldnt mind to keep you. can I
know you better than this? I would so
much appreciate it if I can read from
you pretty soon.
Regards, richard ...

I had to laugh after reading it, especially the part that says 'you the subject of perfection and I wouldn't mind to keep you'. He wants to keep her? LOL!

I have to wonder though, do guys like these prey on women with sweet (though grammatically awful) words like these? And worse yet, do they expect women to fall for it and immediately write back to them professing their love for them?

It's no wonder we guys are naturally blamed for being perverts and opportunist most of the time. But then again, I suppose there are women out there who would fall for 'sweet words' like these which is why we have opportunistic men like these on the prowl. It's a simple supply and demand theory :D

I have half a mind to reply to this guy on behalf of wifey and string him along and see how far it goes ... hahaha ... well, maybe after I finish looking through this mortgage documents first.


  1. Grammatically awful is an understatement.

    These social sites are full of them - men and women alike. You won't believe some of the things women say to (deluded?) men :P

  2. Sriyany - You should post some of the things women write to these deluded men, it's bound to be a good laugh ... LOL!

  3. How come nobody write that to me? Awful grammar notwithstanding. xD

  4. LOL, I think there was an occasion where a dood private message a friend of mine and sweet talk his way but her being her, she replied with a "F U" and got a even funnier reply XD

  5. Lina - I could get this Richard guy to write to you if you want ... hahaha!

  6. Maslight - That's the best way to reply I guess ... hahaha!

  7. Now, go and say thank you to your wifey for me,,, she is such a lovely gal,,,,, and trust is the fundamental to any relationship,, kudos.

    yup,women do fall into sweetie sweetie words,,,men too i think,,,,,,,,,,,,

  8. didya didya tell your wifey that she is your object of perfection?

    You have to keep telling her everyday you know.. even though... you think that she knows.. but you have to tell her everyday :)

    fb is full of crummie slimy fellas... but fb is still a good place to stalk i mean look for old friends.. :D

  9. Grammatically awful is an understatement! And, I think those emails are spam. I just delete & ignore them!

  10. I would so much appreciate it if I can read from
    you pretty soon HAHAHAHAHA

  11. Hey Nick, it's cos your wife is beautiful lah. That guy is creepy though.

  12. Eugene - Loads of people fall for sweet words which is why we have people like these taking advantage of other.

  13. Anny - Alamak, thanks for reminding me, now I have to go tell her she's my object of perfection ... hehehe ...

    It's not just FB, people take advantage of any social network sites to be scums!

  14. Meleah - It is spam but sometimes it does provide some laughs ... hahaha!

  15. Emila - I had a good laugh at that too ... hahaha!

  16. LOL... It happens, though... Had one guy who insisted that i take care of myself and eat fruits and vegetables in the very first e-mail... made fun of him on the blog back then, although it was a cruel thing to do. Ha ha...

  17. Terra - I'm seriously thinking of playing alone with this guy ... hehehe ...


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