Saturday, August 13, 2011

No Hair Cutting, Shaving Or Hanging Clothes!

Cutting hair, shaving, going for outings and hanging clothes outside the house are among the things people should avoid doing at night throughout the Hungry Ghost Festival.

People should also avoid moving house and getting a new vehicle, as it is believed that the chances of bumping into ghosts are higher by doing all these.

'Keep away from the walls because ghosts love sticking to it,' said Master Szeto Fat-ching, a famous exorcist and feng shui guru from Hong Kong.

Now, I don't know about you but I seriously find that hard to believe. First of all, let me say that I am in no way insulting this festival, but do you seriously think cutting your hair, shaving or moving house would really make you bump into ghosts?

Come on, has anyone of you actually bumped into a ghost after doing any of the above (I know there are many more taboos about this festival) during this period? Seriously, if you have, please do share as I would really like to know if all this warnings are really true.

I'm a self confessed coward when it comes to all things supernatural and have had my fair share of ghostly incidences but I don't believe doing everyday things like moving house or buying a new vehicle would increase your chances of bumping into ghosts. Sometimes, I think all these are just made up to scare people :D

I mean, take my grandmother for instance. She used to say that we cannot cut our fingernails or whistle after 6pm or the bogey man will come get you. I religiously followed that warnings when I was a kid and I would never touch a nail clipper after 6pm or whistle even if my life depended upon it. These days though, I cut my fingernails at ungodly hours and even whistle in the middle of the night and I'm glad to say that the bogey man hasn't turned up yet, though I hope that by saying that, the darned bogey man doesn't decide to come taunt me the next time I cut my nails at 10pm at night ... hahaha!

Sometimes I think these so called Feng Sui guru's are just a bunch of people who love to make up stories just so they can sell people things that will supposedly make their lives better and become super rich or something. Heck, if I was a Feng Sui guru and knew how to become super rich by just placing a frog statue at the foot of my couch, I wouldn't share that knowledge with anyone and might as well just become filthy rich all by myself ... hahaha!

I'm sorry if you're one of those who believe in Feng Sui and I apologize if I many have insulted you with this post but I think the only one getting rich when it comes to Feng Sui are the so called Feng Sui guru's themselves. But then, I guess each to his own. If you think placing your chair or couch facing the planet Jupiter will bring you massive wealth, then good for you.

But just to be safe, I'm going to stay far away from my walls during this hungry ghost festival since they apparently love sticking to walls, I guess they must all be spider man fans ... hahaha! Ok, ok, I should really stop making fun of this but heck, I really can't help it. Oh wait a minute, I better go check to see if it's safe to run late in the evenings or early mornings cos I don't fancy a bunch of hungry ghosts running along with me!


  1. Feng Shui AND exorcist master? Sounds fishy if you ask me...

    PS: I'm sitting next to the wall. Damn.

  2. Terra - My thoughts exactly!

    Hahaha, you'd better get away from that wall, pronto!

  3. Don't know who came up with this.. cos i woke up yest morning with my dad and nephew telling me not to wear white or stick to the wall.. *LOL*

    i forgot about the wearing white thing... and wore a white tee... and both of them said.. nooooooooooooooo... u can't wear white to go out. I am not superstitious but being chinese and with lotta customs and old ladies reminding me this and that... i try not to defy them... just in case :)

  4. Anny - Aiyoo, white also cannot wear ah? This morning at 4.30am I ran with a white Adidas top, mati la, mati la ... hehehe ...

    I pity poor Spidey, he must be up in arms with all those ghosts he meets on them walls! LOL!

  5. I thought that sifu said, ghosts were more afraid of human than we to them? if that is so, why the taboos lah....

  6. Hahaha "..keep away from walls" That's the funniest thing I've ever heard :)

    And I thought Indian superstitions were bad enough!

  7. oh dear, i might have bumped into one or two ghosts when we wandered outside last night :)

  8. "I'm a self confessed coward when it comes to all things supernatural"

    Me too, Nick. Me too!

  9. Eugene - Exactly! Sometimes I think these are made up just to scare people la.

  10. Sriyany - It is, I was laughing my head off. Imagine poor spidey. Thank god he's dead, then again, all the more reason for him to come back as a ghost clinging to wall ... LOL!

  11. Carol - LOL! I must have ran with a few of them during my 4.30am run on Sunday ...

  12. Meleah - Woohoo, at least I'm not alone :D


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