Wednesday, August 17, 2011

You Nasty Little Thing!

Pebbles is turning to be a nasty little conniving dog these days! I wonder where she learned all these dirty little tricks from?

Every morning, when wifey and me wake up and after out bath, we'll head downstairs to the hall. Wifey normally heads to our little 'office' and turns on her laptop and Pebbles will follow her and sit there looking at her cos she knows she'll get her breakfast treat.

This happens every morning and she won't budge until wifey gives her her breakfast treat. But sometimes, after having her treat, she'll come back to wifey and sit there and stare at her with this pitiful look that says,

'Hey, I'm still hungry, I want another one of that yummy breakfast treat!'

She's so good at it, that wifey normally gives in and she'll happily run outside with the treat in her mouth to savor it in her own little space. But sometimes though, we'll be firm, shake our empty hands and say,

'No more, habis (yes, our little diva understands Malay ... hahaha!), finish!'

And she'll just walk off satisfied. But sometimes though, this little cunning dog, will just look at us with this look that says, 

'You mean people, I'm a poor starving dog and you're not feeding me enough!'

And then, she'll purposely head to the waste bin and smell the bin like as if she really is a poor starving dog, look at us, and then head to the corner and sulk! She makes it look like we don't feed her and she has to scavenge food from the trash, that cheeky little thing!

Sulky Dog!
She has to be the most pampered and well fed dogs this side of the neighbourhood! Geez, her food sometimes cost more than our food and it's all prepared for her every single day, nice and warm, microwaved to perfection, three to four times a day even. She even has the cheek to choose her own food and yet she acts like she doesn't get enough food!

And she sure knows how to play the sympathy card when she wants more food. That smelling of the trash bin like a poor little starving dog is one classic example. She does that everytime we refuse to give her more food. I'm seriously wondering where she learned that nasty little trick from ... LOL!

I have to admit though, she's one smart little intelligent dog and knows how to make us play to her tune. It's not entirely her fault though, I'm the one who really spoils her so she knows how to take advantage of that. But she is still one nasty little conniving dog!


  1. How can a cute face like that be nasty... hahahahaha They do have bottomless pits.. and do not know when they are full. Piper is like that too.

    4 or 5 meals a day?? wow.. she is a lucky lucky fella. These boys only get a meal a day.. and a treat in the morning. I must be starving mine.. hahaha

  2. *chuckled. How cute. It's like my cat Mew, but it's not about fewd, he poses when I take photo of him. Aduh.

  3. Kakaka... she knows you all melt by her charm, that's why. Clever Pebbles. ;)

  4. Anny - I'm only realizing that now. As long as I feed her she will eat, eat and eat!

    Like I said, she has to be the most pampered dog in this neighbourhood with loads of meals a day, even I don't get that much meals a day, maybe I should go smell the trash too ... hahaha!

    Send those two fellows here la, I sure feed them4 times a day ... LOL!

  5. Maslight - Your cat can pose for photos? Cool!

  6. Lina - Yes, she's got us wrapped around her tiny little paw, that dog!

  7. Go easy with the treats. Our vet told us.. one treat is like one cheeseburger to a dog.

    When they get to Dommy's age.. diabetes and hypertension will set in. We don't want that. We have learnt our lesson.

  8. Anny - Wah, one cheeseburger? Darn, time for her to cut down on snacking.

    But wifey normally cuts her treat in half and give her so it's not really one full treat.

  9. I would NEVER be able to resist Pebbles face. She's too cute, I'd give her ANYTHING she wanted, whenever she wanted it!

  10. Where got conniving? Apatah lagi nasty.. dont be sad Pebbles ha ha... :)

  11. Awww she's looking even more adorable than usual. Plus, I agree with meleah rebeccah - she's too cute to resist!

    In fact if she lived with me, I might just fatten her up :)

  12. any dog smart enough to connive has my total respect

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  14. Meleah - LOL! I'm sure Pebbles would adore you then.

  15. Marzie - She memang conniving one and clever to act some more ... hahaha!

  16. Sriyany - Hahaha ... Like I told Meleah, I'm sure Pebbles would adore you too!

  17. J. Littlejohn - Don't let her hear you say that, she'll be even more conniving ... hahaha!


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