Friday, November 4, 2011

Long Weekend

There's a nice long weekend coming up and I'm really looking forward to it. Monday is a public holiday here and I'm planning to do some nice long runs and maximise the three day break. That is if that stabbing pain in my shin I developed yesterday while running subsides by tonight. I can't risk making it worse what with another 21K race weekend coming up next Sunday.

The race is called the CICM Responsible Care Run and it's somewhere in Shah Alam. I have absolutely no idea where it is and what the route looks like and am going to have to look it up on Google map seeing as how the race kit collection starts from tomorrow. I'm actually regretting signing up for this run. It was done on a whim.

We were out shopping, in IOI Mall, I think and saw the race sign up forms in the New Balance concept shop and immediately signed up. Back then, I was signing up for races like as if it was free. The other day, wifey calculated how much we spent so far on races this year and my eyes nearly popped out.

Running races can be expensive. Sometimes the cost of signing up isn't really justifiable at all. Imagine having to pay a minimum of RM50 for 10K race? I know they give goodie bags, running tees and stuff but seriously, I could do without those items if they could reduced the cost a little. Not that I will wear the tees they give during the run anyway.

You might say that it's only RM50, but bear in mind, for both the wife and me, that would be RM100, a sizable chuck of money for a 10K race. Lets not even talk about how much some of those 21K races cost. Which is why, next year, we're going to be picky with the races we take part in. We'll only be participating in anything above 15K, save for one or two 10K races that we simply must do. At least it'll be more justifiable to pay that much and run further.

Besides, the boys have an important year in Sunday school next year and most, if not all of these races are on Sunday mornings. This year alone, they skipped quite a number of classes for us to indulge in our passion, which is simply being selfish. I'll have to really plan the races well next year so that they don't miss too much classes or at least try to get back in time for their classes.

It's a nice rainy (or at least it was) Friday morning and it would be a great day to stay at home and snooze all day like some pampered little doggies I know but alas, I have a busy day ahead of me with loads of installations to install a custom-made POS system for a new client somewhere in Rawang of all places!

Lucky pampered dog that gets to snooze all day with her buddies ...


  1. Pebbles looks just like her stuffed buddies! She is sooooo adorable.

    I sure hope there are no rainy weekend mornings this week!

  2. I hope the stabbing pain vanishes and it's a good route. Good luck!

  3. So adorable... seriously, Pebbles looks like an amazingly comfy carpet!

    I didn't know running races was that pricey...

  4. Bro,I am like you,i wont wear the t they give,prefer to wear my own,,,,,,,,go out and run,and we all know it will be great doing long run once a week,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,take care now and have a great holiday

  5. my first ever run only cost me 25bucks...and that was considered charity. well, it was a run for charity. ive just got my car back so i hope to be able to start running soon. for fun first then only i think of joining any runs, like Massy :)

    Pebbles doesnt bite or hid her 'buddies'? the only buddy my bam bam has is Tiger the cat cos the last time i gave him plush toys to play with, it ended up hidden in between the sofa cushions. Ha!

  6. Lina - She's getting to be a little too shaggy, soon, I won't be able to tell her apart from her toys ... LOL!

    Yes, pray for no rain.

  7. The World According To Me - Thanks :D

  8. Terra - She's way overdue for a grooming session :D

    They are a little pricey which is why we have to pick and choose our races for next year.

  9. Eugene - You have a great weekend too :D And happy running.

  10. Carol - I don't mind RM25 but some of the races here cost RM65.00 ... aiyooo, that's a huge dent on my wallet for two people some more.

    No la, Pebbles doesn't hide her toys though she does bite them when she's in one of her playful moods. She's kinda possessive with her toys though.


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