Sunday, November 6, 2011

That Sickly Feeling

The weather is just plain silly these days. One minute it's blazing hot and the next it's pouring cats and dogs! It's bad enough that it puts paid to my evening run sessions but it's now also making me feel sickly.

I can feel the coming on of a sore throat and my joints ache which is a clear indication of fever and flu! Arggghhh, I hate falling sick. When I'm sick, I'm really sick and it takes me quite a while to recover. I've been like that since young. Wifey says I'm a pampered city boy ... hahaha!

I really don't want to fall sick (who does), not when I have so much activities planned for the next week! It's a good thing that tomorrow is a public holiday and I can get some rest to try and hope this sickly feeling will just go away, well at least after I get back from my early morning run, that is. Yes, I'm still going to run and see if I can drive away the impending sickness by sweating it out.

I narrowly avoided getting sick a few weeks back when wifey got the flu. Normally when either one of us gets sick, the other would soon follow which is simply natural cos we share the same room and bed. But this time I managed to avoid catching her flu and I was glad. But somehow this time I think I'll be going through the entire flu and fever process and what a time to get it when I have a race next weekend ... siggghhh ...

Oh well, some things just can't be helped I guess. I'd better quickly crun through this briefcases for men article I've been reading and pop a couple of pills and then head straight to bed. The wife and me are going to need to get up pretty early tomorrow for our run. Yes, runners are a nutty lot, while most people would relish sleeping in on holiday, we're insane enough to wake up at 4-5am just to run!

Sometimes I think we need to get our heads checked ... LOL!


  1. Oh dear, hope the flu will be kept at bay. Stay healthy Nick!

    You going up at 4 tomorrow? I will! xD

  2. Oh no! Feel better soon, my friend. I hate being sick. It's awful.

    PS: There was an issue with my blog today. I have NO IDEA why that 2 year old blog post showed up in everyone's readers. Sorry about that.

  3. Bro,try to get some pro-biotics supplements,as far as I am concerned, it works well for me,,,,

  4. Feel better - drink lots of fluids. The weather is the pits these days. Some countries have all 4 seasons but we have one loooog confused season!

    Getting sick is the last thing you need before a race. Try panadol for flu and cough - that normally works for me.

  5. Waking up at 4am just to run? Madness indeed but so inspiring! Hope u feel better soon.. :)

  6. Lina - I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    I don't know la, depends if I can even wake up ... LOL!

  7. Meleah, Thank you. It really is an awful feeling.

  8. Sriyany, Yeah, our weather is going a little bonkers these days.

  9. Marzie, Madness is the right word la, Marzie ... LOL!


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