Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Home Run

My racing for the year is finally completed with the MPSJ 10K a few hours ago. This was the final race for the year and I must say that I'm pretty happy with the run.

I've been looking forward to this race for two reasons. One is because it's so darn near to my house and two is because I wanted to redeem myself for last year's horrible timing. Well, I'm happy to say that I managed to redeem myself by taking 22 minutes off my timing last year by coming in with a time of 50:40 and getting a 14th place finish in my category which earned me one of the very few limited finisher medal :D To say that I'm happy is putting things mildly.

Seeing as how the race was so close by, we woke up later than usual and took a brisk 10 minute jog to the race start location. We didn't have to battle with everyone looking for parking and all that. Besides, I enjoyed that short run together with the wife :D

Speaking of the wife, she's getting to be a regular speed demon these days. She did exceptionally well by taking off a huge 4 minutes off her Nike 10K time last week. I really don't know what to say, soon, she'll be outrunning me. In fact, her mileage this week alone was more than mine :P

There were fewer people this time round, probably due to the many other races being run today as well which broke the crowd up. But the crowd that was there were all enthusiastic with some decked in funny tee shirts eager for race start.

I'm not going to write much about the race. I train on this route quite a bit so I had the advantage of knowing the route like the back of my hand which helped a great deal. I decided way before the race start that I use the 'pedal to the metal' strategy seeing as how it was an easy route with one or two short inclines. The strategy worked well and I'm very pleased with my final race for the year.

Now to take a short well needed break and then start preparations to face the new year's day Newton 25K challenge. That's going to be a bitch!


  1. Has Pebbles decided to keep this medal for herself as well? ;)

  2. Terra - LOL! She has. She only poses with medals, anything else she'll just snub it :D

  3. Congrats and job (or run) well done to you and your wife!

  4. ahhh.. she's the only doggie who never have to run a race but have a huge collection of medals.. hehehhehee

  5. Pebbles looks soooooo adorable with that medal around her neck.

  6. Meleah - She enjoys showing off ... LOL!

  7. Hahahah Pebbles is soo cute!! LOL! Congrats on your finish!! GREAT JOB! 22 mins shaved off your last run? THat's just incredible!

    I managed to shave off 3 and a half mins off my nike race but I'm still peeved coz it was an easy route. i should've done better.. I know I had it in me. but after 2 races, now I am beginning to learn what I'm comfortable with and what I'm not and preparation wise what I have to do and everything. It was a good experience and there's always next year to better myself, right?? :)

  8. Shemah - Thanks. I made a pledge to balas dendam the MPSJ run this year for doing so horribly last year and I'm glad I actually kept to it ... LOL!

    Considering all the shifting you did, actually turning up for the race and shaving off 3 minutes is pretty darned good!

    Running is a learning process and you have to be patient. Take it slow and easy and soon you'll see yourself getting better and better.


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