Sunday, November 27, 2011

We Run KL

That shoe looking device you see up there is my Nike 10K We Run KL 'finisher medal'. Most races, you get medals but Nike gives you a shoe like USB device. Well, at least it was way better than last year's toy memento. Pebbles, my regular medal model simply refused to pose with it ... LOL!
While the race was very nicely organized, save for that annoying teens syndrome (you can read all about it in my Happy Feet blog) I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was a pretty easy route and the run took us through a scenic city route. How often does one get to run around the city anyway. Half the time, I'm stuck in jams along this route so it was nice actually being able to run faster than I can drive on a normal day in town :D

You can be sure of some pretty interesting stuff in most events organized by Nike. They don't really believe in doing things moderately so the moment we reached the race location, we could hear the upbeat music and the event emcee blaring away cheerfully on the speakers. It puts you in a pumped up mood.

Runners making their way to the event location ...
The location was awashed with a sea of red color running tees, the official 'must wear' top provided by Nike. This is the only run that I actually don't get to wear my own running attire cos the bib numbers are printed on the tees, hence the must wear advise.

They entire early morning atmosphere was loud and cheery and Joe Flizzow and Mizz Nina would be performing after the race ends a little later. Both the wife and me enjoyed watching the performance by Mizz Nina after our run before we headed for home. After all, it's not always we get to watch free performances :D

Mizz Nina in action ...
As mentioned above, the run was pretty enjoyable for me. Decided to go with a race strategy of keeping the heart rate in a comfortable zone rather than worry about pace. I thought it worked pretty well with me crossing the finish line in a time of 53:20, not too shabby for an easy 10K run. I just love it when a run comes together :D

Some of the runners checking out the Nike booths after the run ...
The wife did an awesome job with her run, shaving off a huge 6 minutes off her previous 10K run, making this a personal best. She's really amazing with her tenacity in trying to get better with each and every run. She gives her all and has come a long way for someone who hated running :D I'm really, really, really proud of her and am glad that she shares the same passion for running that I do. She's so into running that after the race, she came to me and said, she wished this was a half marathon ... LOL! After three back to back half marathons the past month, she's reveling in conquering 21K's.

I'm hoping Nike would consider increasing the event distance next year to something a little further than 10K. A half marathon distance would be awesome but I'd settle for a 15K even. I guess the logistics to handle a half marathon might just be a too much, especially in KL but one can dream, can't one?

With the end of that event, there's only one final race left for the year for the two of us which is the MPSJ 10K run next weekend. It's something I'm looking forward to since it's just a stone's throw away from where we live. I do my training on the race route quite a bit so I know each and every pothole along the route which will give me a chance do a speed run for this race.

After that final race, my marathon training programme seriously kicks into full swing and will start off with a 25K race on New Years day for the Newton run. Yes, I'm mad enough to be participating for a 25K race on the first day of year. Oh and the wife is also insane enough to join me ... LOL!

Here's wishing all my Muslim friends a blessed Maal Hijrah. Looking forward to tomorrow's public holiday to do more running!


  1. You two are sure insane! LOL

    But a good way of insanity. Have fun in MPSJ Run & also training for the Newton Run. :)

  2. Wow, just wow. So very inspiring.
    Running off to Happy Feet because I want to know why teens are annoying! :D

  3. So much fun! I'm jealous! And the shirt looked cool too! ;) I rike.

  4. @maslight,
    The tee is so cool, I saw youngsters wearing them days before the event! o.O

  5. Nike rocks, and so do YOU and your wife!!

  6. Lina - You're equally as insane as the two of us ... LOL!

  7. Maslight - We actually signed up cos of the tee ... LOL!

  8. Lina - It was so cool, I washed it and used it for my run training run this evening ... LOL!

  9. Keep running Nick, keep breaking the PBs,, well done bro

  10. Hiya Mr!! :)

    Congrats on the run!! I saw both of you warming up before the race but ala, dowan to kacau you both lah. Hahaha but if I see you guys during the MPSJ 10k I'll definitely kacau you both. hahaha..

    This was my first race and I remember waking up in the morning almost 5am and thinking whyyyy lah did I listen to Nessa and sign up for this!!! hahahahahaha I mean, I've never even tried a fun run before and so nervous that I wasn't even gonna make it to the finish line.

    It wasn't the easiest route for me because I normally train at Subang Park and the inclines there are barely an incline. And ever since the raining season started, I just trained at the gym. So it was definitely a new experience for me.. but I enjoyed it. I managed to finish just inside 1 and a half hours so I definitely can live with that. LOL!

    Hopefully I can do better at the MPSJ 10k run. I haven't ran since the nike run coz I'm busy moving out so I don't know how I'm going to do. Hmm..

    Anyways, it was nice "seeing you" there! Congrats to you and wifey!! :)

  11. Shemah - You did? I don't even remember warming up ... LOL! Aiyaaa, next time just holler at us la :D

    I ask myself that every single time I wake up at 4am for races but once I'm actually done running, I can't wait for the next race.

    As a first race, this really wasn't an easy route what with the hills and all but good job in completing the race.

    MPSJ is a much easier route and you should be able to do better. Only one incline just before the finish to tackle, the rest is basically flat. All the best this weekend :D

  12. hahaha okay technically you weren't warming up lah. just that everyone around you all were. LOL! you guys were walking and talking and dowan lah to kacau! shy shy cat like that.

    I still haven't been training for the MPSJ race. been spending all day cleaning the new house and transporting stuff. and on Sunday going to finalize the move after the run. I'm so going to be dead tired. But have to prove my husband wrong. LOL!

  13. Shemah - Hahaha! shy shy cat pulak!

    All that cleaning and transporting stuff is more than enough training for the the race this weekend la ... LOL! Moving house can be back break, that much I know.

    At least this race is just a stones throw away so you won't have to wake up so early this time.


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