Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Lamp Shade

I'm feeling a little sorry for Pebbles right now. We just took her to the vets and she's now sporting a nice little 'lamp shade' over her head. She's not at all used to it and is far from happy with having to have it around her cute little head that she practically doesn't want to move at all. She's just sitting there in one place so afraid to move.

As much as I hate to see her with that neck cone, I have no choice but to make sure she has it on for at least a week. A few days ago, she was gnawing at this little spot on her left side and kept on biting, scratching and licking it until it became a wound, which has now spread to two more spots.

She's done this before, biting and scratching at a certain spot and we had to take her to the vet once before but that wasn't as serious as this one. She kept on biting it and licking it and it just wasn't getting a chance to heal naturally.

This morning after going through some webhosting sites for some info on websites, the wife and me decided to take her to the vets and it's a good thing we did cos the diagnosis is, she's down with ring worms and because she was biting that open wound, it's spread to two more sections around the wound. The vet says the ring worm is nothing serious and she just needs some medication and stuff but cos she's licking and biting her present wound, it'll just spread further which is why she's got her own personal 'lamp shade' attached to her.

She's not too happy about it and she'll letting her displeasure show by giving the wife and me the eye ... LOL! She's really not used to it and when she's not used to anything, she won't budge much. I'm ending up carrying her around the house. I'm just going to leave her and she'll eventually have to move if she's hungry or thirsty or needs to use the toilet.

I don't know how she contracted the ring worms cos she's always inside the house. We hardly let her go outside for fear of her contracting stuff like this so it's really a big question mark on how she got this. One probably cause is she got it at the groomers or maybe from the back of the kitchen area, cos that's the only side where she likes to sneak out and stray cats hang out there.

Anyways, at least she's now on medication and we'll have to shave her totally clean once the wound dries up in a day or so to cater to the ring worm healing process, which should take about 3 weeks or so, according to the vet. I'm more concerned about getting her wounds healed cos then we can take out her 'lamp shade' which I'm sure is totally uncomfortable. But it's for her own good, I suppose.

Maybe in  a day or so she'll get used to it and will be back to her naught mischievous self instead of sitting here at my feet moping away. I'm definitely going to be feeding her by hand the next couple of days cos I need to spike her food with the anti-biotics tablets that she has to take. Hope she'll recover fast though.

The cost of her consultation and medication is not exactly cheap though. We took her to Healing Rooms, just a few minutes drive away from our place. Her regular vet in Puchong was still closed for the CNY holidays and I didn't want to wait for it to open next week. The vet was pretty thorough and very professional about her work though it didn't come cheap. My medication when I was sick was soooooo much cheaper than hers. I suppose being a vet these days must be a pretty lucrative business.

Now that all that is done, I can go back to looking for website hosting companies to host our company's website. So far I've narrowed it down to either of these two sites, Webhosting Hub or Go Daddy. Hopefully I'll be able to decide which one to go to by the end of today. I can be pretty fickle minded at times :D


  1. Poor little Pebbles. Get better soon. Don't get mad at your owners for making you put on that lamp shade. xD

    Anyway, Pebbles still manage to look so adorable even with that thing. ;)

    1. I actually kesian her but no choice la. It's for her own good.

      She's still very uncomfortable with it though.

  2. Awww kesian Pebbles. I should have gotten that 'lamp shade' for my Girlie, the eldest of the pack at home. If u ever read my post about her, her wound got so serious because she kept doing like what Pebbles did. But I kiasu one, didn't send to vet and became my own vet. Lucky the wound healed and she's one happy dog again. :)

    Hope Pebbles get better soon!

    1. Ya, I read that post. I wish I could have treated Pebbles on my own, but that dog is stubborn and kept on licking and biting the wound. No choice but had to take drastic measure with the 'lamp shade'.

  3. I wish Pebbles healthy, lamp free days.
    Let us know what name you decide!

    1. I'm sure she wishes for the same thing too ... hehehe!


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