Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

It's raining out there and while it might be good for sleeping tonight, I do hope it stops in a few hours time. I'm running the Brooks Half Marathon tomorrow morning and I don't fancy getting up at 3.30am and having to head to the race location and run in the rain.

At that time of the morning, it can be chilling cold and it'll just be even more chilling if the rain doesn't stop. Imagine running in a running vest and shorts in an early morning rain, I'll bet even a snow man would shudder at the thought!

Otherwise, I'm pretty excited about the run tomorrow. It's been nearly a month since I've ran in a race event and I'm looking forward to it. Hopefully the legs will hold out and no old injuries like the libido max side effects will crop up halfway to put a damper on my fun.

Ok, ok, I actually don't know what a libido max side effect is, but it sounded like a cool and fun thing to say ... LOL! Happy Sunday, peeps.


  1. Enjoy! I hope the rain stops for you.

  2. Funnily enough it's raining here! Hope the run went well and you didn't get wet.


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