Monday, April 2, 2012

Fast Forward

God, it's April already. Where does the time go? Soon it'll be December 12 and we'll all be wondering if there will be a December 13th the next day. I really can't recall the days going by so fast. There was a time when it would take forever for a month to go by, especially when you're broke and waiting for your next pay cheque ... LOL!

My day is normally so full from the moment I wake up to the time I go to bed that I hardly have time to do all the things I want to do in a day. There are days when I wish there was more than 24 hours in a day. It's not that I mind the days going by in a flash, but it also ages me so much faster.

I'm already 45 years old, though I still think like a 30 year old ... LOL! I'm getting sales people in shopping malls calling me 'uncle' and it sure ain't a nice thing to hear. Heck, only a few years back, I was calling people 'uncle'! I know they're only being respectful but I could do with a lot less respect sometimes and just be called a young punk once in a while ... hahaha!

I haven't really blogged about anything thought provoking in ages and I don't think this post will prove to be thought provoking or even the least bit interesting in any way. I just have some free time right now that I though I'd use to tell you all about all about Hipshot Extenders but I doubt you'd be the least bit interested. Finding the time to blog let alone blog about anything interesting is a challenge in itself.

Nothing much has been happening in my life. Things are still the same. I'm still slogging away trying to make living and earn enough to satisfy my running shoe buying fetish ... LOL! Most of my day is taken up by work and when I'm done with work, the other half is taken up by my passion for running. At least I have a similar minded life partner who shares the same passion so we get to spend time together doing something we both love :D

I'm running a marathon in approximately 2 months plus time and up until a few weeks ago, I was totally skeptical about being able to do it. But of late, with a huge change in training plans, I've found new confidence in my abilities to run the marathon and cross that finish line in respectable timing. Since this is my first ever marathon distance, I don't have a benchmark to gauge abilities against so the only goal I've affixed to myself is to finish the distance. Can and will I be able to do it? I'll tell you after the race :D


  1. Uncle Nick!
    Good luck with your maiden marathon! xD

    Jangan marah...

    I'm bracing myself for the day people call me "auntie" instead of "kakak" hu~

  2. Hey I'm gonna be 33 this year and I still think like a 20 year old. Btw, you and me both, I'm still doubting myself doing a full marathon this year. And mine is in a month time. Kill me now!

    But I just hope I can do it within my target pace and all that. I've been missing a lot of training sessions. Damn so inconsistent oh.

  3. I am gonna be 35 this year. But numbers are just numbers. As long as your heart and mind stay young, your body will always be in 30s! :P Keep up the active lifestyle Nick. It helps to keep you young too.

    P/s and i envy you because you have times to jog and do exercise. I am still looking for that extra times to exercise

    1. Rose,
      At the speed Nick is doing, it's certainly not jogging! If he is jogging, then I must be dwadling! LOL


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