Monday, May 21, 2012

It's A Dog's Life

That gullible person who looks after me has been so busy with work and running that he hasn't had much time to blog much about cute old me, I thought I'd hijack his blog and just post some cute little pictures of myself in case you all forgot about cute old me ... ok, ok, I know I can be so darned vain, but heck, I am cute after all, right? Right?? Right???

Come on, isn't this picture of me just adorable? Doesn't those huge puppy dog eyes of mine make you wanna go out and buy me lots of treats and goodies? BOL! It works on that gullible little fellow who takes care of me all the time. All I need to do is blink my big, beautiful eyes a few times and I get him to do all my bidding. I'm a smart little dog aren't I?

Just in case you're wondering why I'm hijacking his blog when I have my own little blog called Pebbles Tales, well it's more fun saturating and messing up his blog with my cute little face. Besides, seeing as how he hardly has the time to blog, I thought I might as well make use of his blog anyway.

Here's a picture of me snoozing away on his and mommy's bed in my nice little yellow top mommy bought for me a month or so ago. It's so nice and cozy that whenever I wear it, I'm always automatically sleepy ... hehehe ... Notice how deep in sleep I am. I love this yellow top and mommy has named it my 'baju tidor' (pajamas).

This is a picture of me nicely snoozing (what else) on that idiot's ... urrmmm ... I mean nice owner of mine, side of the bed when he's away at work. This is mommy's and my little secret. He comes back home and always wonders why his pillows are always messed up ... muahahaha!

Now here's a picture of me when I'm not snoozing and playing around with my best buddy Mac Taylor. Mac Taylor was one of my very first soft toy buddies and I love him so much. I can spend hours trying to rip him apart, unfortunately he's darn tough for little soft toy!

Most of the time, I love lazing around in bed with mommy and that slave of mine under the 'thing that blows cold air' (that's what I named the air-conditioning unit), but they don't always switch on the 'thing that blows cold air' in the day time and it gets hot downstairs so I find a nice cool corner on the tiled floor in his home office and tuck my head under the shelf to avoid the bright glaring light and heat. Sometimes I wish I can reach the switch that switches on the 'thing that blows cold air', now wouldn't that just be peachy!

There are times though when that fellow who looks after me will abuse me by forcing me to pose with his silly running shoes and medals! I know I'm a cute little furry thing but heck, it's not easy being cute all day and having to pose in front of ugly blue shoes and not get paid. I wonder if I can report him to the SPCA or something. You can just see my displeasure can't you?

But most of the time I'm totally bored with nothing much to do. I mean I can only sleep and look cute for so long, you know. Maybe I should get him to get me my own little tablet or something so I can play Doggyville all day and connect with other doggies out there? What do you think? And no, that's not a picture of me in a cage. He doesn't believe in cages or animals being caged up. That's just me poking my head through the bars at the foot of the bed looking absolutely bored.

But mostly, I'm a happy and contented little doggy who has all her needs taken care of by mommy and that silly fellow. He might be a little blur at times but he does make sure I'm comfortable and tucked in under my blanket before he goes to bed.


  1. Pebbles, if you are bored go follow your owners out and do some run.

    I bet you get plenty of admirers out there! ^^

  2. Hello Pebbles this kind of dog's life, I also want lah, so don't feel bored ya,, like auntie Lina said,go running with your Boss ya

  3. Between you and me Pebs.. i think you should be PAID double triple for all the modelling jobs you haveta do with them shoes and medals. It isssssssssssssss hard work being cute you know.

    i think you are super duper adorable.. even when you are napping. Don't tell Piper.

    woofs n licks,

  4. He's the cutest dog ever! He must be a joy to be around.

  5. Much as I love to read posts by your owner, I have to say your doggy posts are twice as entertaining :P


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