Thursday, October 25, 2012

5 Years In Four Hours!

This has been one of the most stressful of days I have had in a long time. From the time I woke up things have been going downhill all day without relenting for one single minute. It was one thing going wrong after the other and what made it even worse was that it was't my fault at all.

I had everything planned to perfection and things just got screwed up because of external factors and who else but me got all the blasting from the client. Every time my cell rang, I cringe cos it wasn't going to be a very civilized conversation.

I think I totally aged 5 additional years in the couple of hours. Sigggghhhh ... I just felt like curling up under some rock and skipping a century or two. After some much heavy juggling and shuffling, I've got things back on track. Lets hope it stays that way and I'll be able to deliver what I promised on Monday.

Good thing it's a public holiday over here tomorrow. Gonna go out and do some running accessories retail therapy to ease the soul ... hahaha! At least it's a nice long weekend to look forward to. The wife and me will  be heading for the JW Cameron Highlands Friendship run on Sunday and that I'm totally looking forward to.

We'll be heading to Cameron Highlands on Saturday morning and spend the night there for the race the following morning. We'll be treating this as a holiday cum race event seeing as how the both of us have never been to Cameron Highlands before. What better holiday can one have then one that has a run event thrown in ... LOL! Wonder if I could win some tball trophies or not :D


  1. here's hoping things stay on track so you can deliver your promise on Monday!

  2. Oh yay good to hear u and wifey went off for a short break, u guys deserve it after working so hard! So how was CH? I have not been there in years... this B la.. lazy to drive it seems ha ha! Hope u had a good race and a nice long weekend! :)

    1. Cameron was pretty good, the drive there was HORRIBLE! Overall, we had a fun time once we were there :D

  3. No more ageing 5 years in 1 day! Hope all has improved.


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