Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Face Of A Selfish Moron!

This selfish moron below leaves his grocery basket at the side of the checkout counter, goes off and shops for more things, while everyone else queues up to pay, then walks back as easy as he pleases and cuts the queue to pay. When I question him about it, he arrogantly replies that his basket was there first! Oh wow, that has to be the best reasoning I've heard all day. I guess the next time I shop, I'll leave my grocery cart at the counter and then just cut the queue when I'm done, after all, I have my grocery cart there already, right? I seriously felt like slugging his silly moronic face. The wife was furious and took his pix in front of everyone who was just staring at his audacity. I'm gladly posting it here for the world to see the face a selfish, arrogant moron. I'm truly sorry if he's your husband, dad, uncle, brother or even friend but he really is an idiot!


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