Wednesday, November 14, 2012

One Track Mind

I'm posting so much less frequently in this blog these days. The thing is I really don't have all that much time to sit and blog like I used to. The 24 hours in a day these days just doesn't seem to be enough. It can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on circumstances

My day is normally filled from morning to the time I hit the pillows. There are days when I can't even recall half the things I do throughout the day. But in general, more than half my day is taken up with my career and the balance of it is given to my passion for running.

It's a good thing the wife shares the same passion too which makes indulging in my running exploits all the more fun. Almost all the time, besides the usual conversations we have about life, we're mostly talking about some new running shoe, some new route we must try, some new race that we're taking part in or some new apparel that we just bought.

Walking into our room is like walking into a mini sports shop ... hahaha ... the first thing you'll notice would be the large number of running shoes we both have, which is a little sinful really. The wife has a lot more running shoes than heels even. Opening our individual wardrobes would see nothing but running tees and running gears cramped into the already cramped space. One day even the tv rack will probably be full of running stuff!

I actually had to give away almost all my work shirts, save two of them, to accommodate all the running tees that I have. It's a good thing the job that I do allows me to come to work in tee shirt and jeans. I haven't used a pair of shirt and slacks in nearly three years now. I'm comfortable with the way I dress and any new client I meet who takes offense with it can always look for someone else to do their work anyway.

Notice how easily I get side tracked to talk about running ... LOL! Ok, I better stop now before I bore you with more stories and tales about running.


  1. You were in danger of running away with your running stories then!
    I wish I had the time to blog like the old days. I have so many ideas and things to write about but I don't seem to get much spare time these days. And I don't even run!

  2. Yanno what? Good for you for doing what makes you happy.


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