Saturday, January 12, 2013

Out OF Bounds

It's almost two weeks into the new year and I've yet to update this blog. Been a little busy with work and running in the first week of this brand new year that I hardly had time for anything.

Not complaining about the work part cos more work means more money and we all know that once the Chinese New Year celebrations draws even nearer, the work load is going to get slower. If I was working for someone, that wouldn't be an issue too much but since I run my own business, making sure we have enough funds to tide through the next two months is of paramount importance and thankfully, with the securing of a new account early this year, I don't have to worry all that much :D

Now, running wise, is where I'm not too happy. Running is out of bounds for me for the next 3 weeks cos I've got a patella meniscus tear and tendon sprain in my right knee. It's actually a 4 week running ban, but I've already served one entire week of it and still have at least 3 more weeks to go.

There will be no chance of trying to skimp on the ban cos the wife is making sure I explicitly follow the doctors orders to rest for a month before even attempting to run again. This is one of my most serious injuries to date. I've been told by the doctor that I've overworked the legs which resulted in the tear.

One month may seem like a little while but to someone who loves to run, it's like an eternity. The worst thing is the fitness level is going to take a huge beating and it'll be tough starting from scratch again. The good thing is, the racing season proper doesn't start till March and I do have time to get fit again. It's also a chance (albeit reluctantly) to give the entire body a good long rest and repair whatever else damage I have in both my legs.

I've always loved weekends but ever since I started running, I'd loved weekends even more. Weekends are the times the wife and me reserve for long runs. To not make me feel bad about not being able to run long on weekends, the wife has so kindly decided to keep me company by not running. That girl is a gem but I'm not going to let her lose her fitness just cos I'm injured.

I'll accompany her for her runs and just walk around the park or something while she gets her running workout for the weekend. It's not going to be fun seeing her and all the others run but I don't want her not running because of me. I'm hoping the next three weeks will just fly by but I'm seriously doubting that it would.

With that said, since I'm not running at the moment, I do have loads of time to kill and will probably, I say probably cos I can be lazy, be updating this blog more. In fact I can look into this pneumatic sensor brochure that I have lying on my desk for the past three weeks. We've been looking to get one for our installation work in the office. Let's just hope it's not too pricey.


  1. Take more photos of Pebbles to pass time! LOL

    Hope you'll be all better and running in three weeks' time, Nick. :)

    1. LOL! That might be a good idea.

      The three weeks can't come fast enough though!


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