Sunday, January 13, 2013

Smokey Tales

Out of every 10 people you pass in the street these days, at least 9 of them smokes! They range from the old to even teens in school uniforms. I seriously couldn't care less if they want to ruin their lungs and die younger but when they light up in my presence, it really pisses me off.

And these people just don't care where they light up. The worse times are during working hours when you would find tons of these idiots lining up the front walkways of their offices puffing away and polluting the entire stretch. The place looks like some smoky filled fantasy land but unfortunately it's just freaking second hand smoke coming out of their ruined lungs!

I have to take a wide berth walking on the roads to avoid this path of destruction. I seriously don't want to inhale some toxic smoke that just came out of your filthy lungs! Smoking in public should be banned and enforced but unfortunately the enforcement here is totally lax! You even find them smoking away in some shopping malls. Walk into a place like Summit and you can smell the stale cigarette smoke air. 

I wish I could bundle up all these selfish smokers and put them in some enclosed bubble where they can smoke their top rated cigars and destroy their lungs away, slowly kill themselves there. That would be awesome. At least the rest of us would have clean, fresh and smoke free air to breathe (and run!) in.

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  1. Wow, that's a lot of smokers. No wonder it pees you off.
    I've tagged you in my blog, if you have time to pop over and take a peep.


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