Monday, April 1, 2013

Who's The Fool?

There was a time I could at least fool a minimum of 10 people before lunch on April 1st but not anymore. It's 3pm and I haven't fooled even one poor soul right up to this moment.

Sigh. April Fool's day has become so well known that everyone is prepared for it weeks in advance. Now even if I tell someone a true story they'll just go,

'Wei, you think I so stupid, ha? It's the 1st of April la!'

I guess even telling them I'm going to give them a brand new guitar that they can collect free of charge at the baritone guitar guitar center simply will not fool anyone. But if you're still gullible enough, give me a buzz and I'll send you GPS coordinates to collect your guitar ... hahaha!

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  1. I forgot it was April Fools Day. Does that make me a fool?!


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