Sunday, December 22, 2013

Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire ...

The year just flew by in a flash. One minute it's January and the next I'm getting ready for Christmas again. Where did the time go? Christmas is just a few days away and to be honest, I haven't really done anything for it yet. Not that I don't have the mood, I do but the bleak prospects for next year that awaits everyone seems to have put a slight damper on things.

I'm more careful about how I spend my money. Yes, the boys stuff have been taken care of for Christmas but that's basically about it. The tree is up, but not as lavishly decorated as a few years back when I built a snowscape under the Christmas tree and turned the entire house in a winter wonderland! It was a tiring and tedious time but it sure was fun. Spent quite a bit too. Had a nice Christmas party and all that.

My handmade snowscape Christmas scene ...
This year it's more of a very quiet Christmas with the family at home or maybe even a nice Christmas dinner outside somewhere. The wife and me are still undecided on that yet. We used to go for Christmas eve buffets but these days we don't eat that much so buffets are really a waste of money.

Choo-Choo ...
I'll be off work from Christmas till next year, a nice long break (which I'm sure will also be used for running) before starting work and concentrating on bringing in new businesses or at least consolidate on the ones we already have seeing as how most people are going to be thrifty with their spending next year.

Winter Wonderland ...
The wife and me are getting a lot more thriftier with our money too. Well mostly the wife (who is better at handling our finance) cos I'm perpetually wanting to buy running gear every time I lay my eyes on something ... LOL! If anyone is thinking of getting me a Christmas gift, don't crack your brains too much figuring out what to get me. All I want for Christmas is a Petzl Nao headlamp (or at least a Black Diamond Storm). Yes, I'm shameless I know ... hahaha!

Here's wishing all of you who celebrate the occasion a blessed and Merry Christmas and happy holidays to those who don't. Now let me go listen to some Christmassy music on my spanking new direct sound headphones.


  1. Hey Nick! Wow ur handmade snowscape Christmas scene is impressive.. love the snowman! Me too trying to 'save' so forced to slave away in the kitchen more often nowadays LOL.. wishing you and wifey a wonderful 2014 and let's make more moolah this year! :)

  2. I remember the winter wonderland post, looked fab. Hope you and your family had a fab Christmas.

  3. I remember the winter wonderland post, looked fab. Hope you and your family had a fab Christmas.


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