Friday, January 24, 2014


The Chinese New Year is just around the corner and things have been real slow in the office. As much as I love for things to move slowly, I'm not too happy with it. With the way this country is being managed by our, as far as I'm concerned, corrupt ruling regime, we need all the work we can get to make ends meet.

Unfortunately though, I don't see much work coming in at least until the Chinese New Year celebrations are over. Almost everyone, clients included are already in a holiday mood. Aside from loads of outstanding paper work, I practically have nothing to do.

I wish I had a treadmill or something in the office, at least that way I could actually do something productive instead of trying to keep from nodding off at my desk. I still have to run through this Reid Supply list but I'm just too lazy to do it.

Well, I guess after the Chinese New Year holidays, I'll just have to work thrice as hard to make up for the slow business.

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