Tuesday, January 12, 2016

38 Days And Counting

It's only 38 days to go before I fly off to my first marathon of the year. I'm really looking forward to it though in all honesty, I'm not entirely ready for it. Yes, I've been training and all but with my age and how easily I get injured if I push myself too hard, I'm just not ready for it.

Right now, I'm more interested in exploring the place more than the marathon itself. When I first signed up for this, I was more interested in using this as a test bed to gauge my performance before I tackle the Gold Coast Airport Marathon in July. Now that race, I have some tougher aims and goals.

But all that aside, I know I'll give it my all, just hope that it's enough to get me through the grueling 42.195km in cold winter weather, something I'm not used to. I'm normally one to run in the barest of running gear and having to bundle up for the entire distance will take some getting used to just like how I have to get used to this Musician's Friend Signature Guitars I received. And I can't even play guitars!

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