Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Slow Days

Today is the fifth day of the new year and work is a little slow in the office at the moment. I'm not complaining but with the current economic situation, not having much work to do can be a little worrisome.

But for the industry I'm in, which is printing, the work flow has always been pretty slow around this time until the just after the Chinese New Year next month. The running season will also start again around that time and I'll be seeing my workload get back up to speed.

I'm actually looking forward to just after the CNY for my overseas marathon which I signed up for quite a while back. Though I don't really have a goal for it, the training has been ongoing and hopefully something good will come out of it. Fingers crossed.

Another thing is I'm looking forward to get out of this excessively hot weather we're having right now. It's so hot that I'm sweating writing this even though I'm in an air-conditioned room. Hope the skies will open up and it pours later today.

I think I really should get offline and get right into looking to find drawer slide size on this cabinet that I have here.

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