Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Car Problems ...

And to think the day started out so promising. Just when I was about to pick up my beloved this afternoon for our little errand, my bloody junk of a car had to breakdown! It never fails to happen, that car of mine really loves to spoil my day. Its been out of my mechanics place so many times that sometimes I think it's probably secretly in love with my mechanic! Well, I did managed to get it fixed but it did ruin my totally well planned (or so I hope) schedule. Lost almost three hours or so of work time so whatever free time I had earlier was totally wasted. Looks like I'm back up to my neck with work again .... arrgghhhh!!!!! Gee, I'm still complaining. That must officially make me a full time certified grouch :)

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  1. Yeah! stop being a grouch...;) You must feel lucky that your car didn't give you huge problem. Unlike me, i'm still waiting for the mechanic's call. They already replaced bmw bearings and control arms but they've seen a bigger problem in the transmission. Wish everything will be fix sooner or i'll be the full time certified grouch.


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