Thursday, April 26, 2007

Holiday, My @$$ !

Today is actually a holiday here for the installation of our new King and I should be extremely happy, rite? But guess what? I had to work cos of some last minute stuff that was required by a client of mine. Wasted nearly half the day of my extremely rare holiday :( Well, at least I managed to get a few hours of quality nap time later. Gotta type this post fast cos my beloved is hovering behind me waiting for me to finish so she can get online and start her blogging session and at the same time 'grouching' about our Neanderthal neighbour ... hehehe ... Ok, that's all from me ... argh, ouch, ok, ok honey, I'll go already :)


  1. Hi Nick, at least you'll get to enjoy tomorrow and Wed, happy holidays :)

  2. Yup, looking forward to the holidays tomorrow :) Thanx for dropping by.


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