Friday, April 27, 2007

Signing Off For The Week

It's about time for me to head on home for the weekend. Thought I'd write a few lines before heading off. Not gonna be enjoying the weekend as much as I'd like to cos I have loads of work that I'm taking home with me to be completed over the weekend. Most of them are due on Monday. I do have this problem about bringing work home, it never gets completed cos I do get pretty lazy once I'm back home. The sight of my bed just tends to make me wanna nap all day long (yeah, I'm a sleepyhead, my other half can testify to that) I can sleep anywhere and anytime of the day ... hehehe ... Just gotta force myself to complete the work somehow. By the way, if a good buddy of mine (he knows who he is) reads this blog, I do hope Chelsea trashes the pants out of Liverpool (he should know what that means ... hehehe) ... ok folks, the perennial complainer is signing off for the weekend.

p.s. just to be clear, I'm an Arsenal fan myself, k?

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