Sunday, April 29, 2007

The World Has Gone Mad ...

... or rather I have. I was watching the English Premier League match just now between Manchester United and Everton and for the first time in my life, I was actually rooting for Man U to win! Me being a die-hard fan of Arsenal and Man U being my sworn enemy and I was actually rooting for them. There actually is a reason for this ... hehehe ... you know the saying the 'the enemy of my enemy is my enemy?' Well, I wanted Man U to win cos I knew Chelsea (now my most hated team in the EPL) was not having a good day with their game against Bolton. And I'd rather Man U win the EPL crown than those dogs Chelsea! Now, hopefully Arsenal can capitalise on Liverpool's loss to gain some ground for the third place spot (if you're reading this, sorry dude ... hehehe)


  1. he-he-he. That should put you in better mood to get you motivated to do all that "work" you brought home with you. :)

    Thanks for dropping by ......

  2. motivated to get my 'work' done? Nothing gets me in the mood to work when I'm home:) Too many distractions at home for a sleepyhead like me ... hehehe ... thanx for dropping by.

  3. In my past life (as a marketing executive not too long ago), I seem to remember that I thought I was "home" when I was at work.

    My apartment was just some place I went home to change.

    I really did lead a very sad life :)

  4. Yup, you did lead a sad life :)

    I was just like you before but now I look at work as something that pays the bills and stuff.

    I look forward to getting 'away' from work so that I can get home to my beloved who is the highlight of my life now :)

  5. right.. What did Peg Bundy say again? "Men want you to do this disgusting thing called work".

    Ah, life was so busy back then before women's lib


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