Friday, June 8, 2007

Arsenal Won The Quadruple!

Did you know that Arsenal did the quadruple this season? No? Well, it's true. The Women's team did anyway ... hehehe ... I was watching TV last nite and doing my normal channel surfing routine and came across the Arsenal Women's team playing in the UEFA Women's cup final and decided to watch it for a bit seeing as how the men's team are my favourite football club and it was a nice surprise to see them win but what was even more surprising is that after the match I found out that they had actually already won the FA Women's Community Shield, The FA Women's Premier League trophy, The FA Women's Premier League cup and now the UEFA Women's cup! Wow, gosh, my goodness me, this puts the men's team with their supposedly star players and their multi-million pound a year salary to shame! Gee, all these years I've been supporting the wrong gender ... hehehe ... You can bet your bottom dollar that next season, I'll be keeping a close eye on the women's team, after all it's probably more fun and exciting watching 22 young, nubile, agile women running around chasing a ball rite. LOL! Long live Arsenal, the women's team that is!


  1. I had no idea Arsenal women's team existed! I've checked MU but I couldn't find any info... So you've changed camp eh? Kesiannn... hehehe

  2. Neither did I Nessa, but it was nice to know that they do exist and that they're quadruple champions this season ... hehehe ...

  3. hey i saw the same team during the semis but i didnt know when was the final.. so who did they beat anyway?

    any players which worthy of mention? if she looks like sharapova then i might switch clubs too haha

  4. Oh, they beat this team called Umeira, I think. And the Arsenal keeper very 'cun' one! So, you switching teams oredi? LOL.


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