Monday, March 24, 2008

Life Should Be This Easy!

I've just been tagged by Rozella for this incredibly easy tag. And when I say easy I really mean easy. You don't really have to do anything much except copy and paste a few things, add your own link to the tag and viola , you're done! I couldn't believe my luck ... hehehe ...

I'm not really a fan of tags and memes, especially the ones that require me to use a little brain power. I don't really have much smarts up there in the brain department and some of the memes out there require you to have a masters in rocket science ... hehehe ...

I remember the first time I was tagged by a fellow blogger. Marzie to be specific. At that time I was just starting out in blogging and didn't know really know much about this memes and stuff. If I'm not mistaken (correct me if I'm wrong Marzie) I think it was the viral link train or something along those lines. Boy, when she tagged me with that I almost died of fright! The tag looked daunting and way beyond my intelligence. Selling mortgage life insurance would have been so much easier than doing that meme ... LOL!

I was really new to blogging at that time. I didn't know much (not that I know much these days either ... LOL!) and I didn't want to look like a silly fool for not knowing how to do a meme. In fact I didn't even know what in heavens name a meme was ... LOL! Well, after fretting about it for ages and with the help of Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking and Dr. Zachary Smith (well, wifey helped out more actually ... hehehe) I finally managed to get it done.

Phew, you don't know how relieved I was the moment I posted it. It was like a big load of my shoulder. And I've dreaded tags and memes ever since, especially the difficult ones! That's why I'm pretty happy to get this one. It's soooooooo easy that I'm going to gleefully enjoy doing this. Now why can't you all be like Rozella over here and just tag me with the simple ones? LOL!

<------------------------------ Begin Copying here ------------------------------>

This tag is basically one of the easiest and the fastest way to increase your Technorati authority, boost your Google Page Rank (if you still have page rank that is ... LOL), get a healthy amount of traffic for your blog and simply to make new friends :D

As with all these tags and memes, some simple rules apply :
  • Start copy from “Begin Copy here” until “End Copy here” to your blog.
  • Put your own blog name and link.
  • Tag your friends as much as you can.
1. Picturing of Life
2. Juliana’s Site
3. Shower Your Children With Love - The Right Way
4. Life’s a journey, not a destination
5. Simple Life
6. Life is beautiful; Life is love
7. Lovely Mummy
8. Lemonjude
9. Faith,Hope,Love
10. Newife Blog
11. Good things in life…
12. …the Guru-Guru life…
13. ezooone@seweng

14. Emelda
15. Shemah@My Sweet Escape
16. Rozella@Asian Mutt International
17. Anything Goes!
18. Add your blogs name here.

<------------------------------ End Copy here ------------------------------>

And since this is such a simple tag to do, I'm sure the following bloggers are not going to be too annoyed getting tagged by me. And if you do get annoyed, then go blame Rozella for this, after all she tagged me to begin with ... LOL! So Janice, Menopause Princess, Bobo and Marlene I hand this over to you guys :D


  1. Hey Nick! How are ya? Hmmm.... I can't remember who was the first to tag me. Memory like a sieve mate!

  2. I didn't know what tags or memes too, until I visit again the site of the one who tagged me lol! and it took 2 mos or more before I did the tag.

    You said, this one's easy meme, well, i'll try my best. For now i will say thank you.

  3. Hui Sen - Hey buddy, good to see you up and blogging again :D

    Don't worry, my minds like a sieve too buddy. I think it has something to do with that thing called old age ... LOL!

  4. Marlene - Trust me, it took me almost that long to do my first tag too ... LOL!

    This one is really easy, trust me on that :D

  5. Before I start blogging I was googling the meaning of blog tag but couldn't find the answer.geee!I was so nervous when i did the first tag.:)

  6. Sweetiepie - LOL! Yeah, I know what you mean, I actually had to go and google what a meme is.

    It took me ages to even finish my first tag ... Now I've got so many tags I can't even keep up with all of them ...

  7. i remember the first time i have been tagged. Whatever you went through, multiply it by 10 and thats how i felt :D
    Am glad now tags and memes dont scare me away :D

  8. Hahaha It starts with the easy ones! Thank you for the praises but I really don't deserve them cos I'm gonna tag you soon with something a little bit harder. Maybe no need masters in rocket science lah. Just degree should be cukup I think! Hehehe

  9. I'm so terrible at keeping up with meme's. Sometimes people tag me and I never even knew! These tags are nice and easy though :)

  10. Lena - Ok, I'm glad someone had more trouble with tags than me ... LOL!

    Oh, I am still afraid of tags and memes though :D

  11. Rozella - Drats, I thought the praises would be enough to keep you from giving me harder ones ... LOL!

    Would saying I'm illiterate help? LOL!

  12. Sandy - That happens to me too. I know I've got loads of tags that I've totally forgotten who tagged me already!

  13. Ha ha ha..I will never forget that first tag too, the Alexa train la he he... It was my second tag I think but it was the first viral type of meme for me, so I was damn confused with all the links! Took me hours to figure it out too Nick he he... Now, it all seems like kacang putih right? :)

  14. Marzie - The Alexa Train, now I remember ... LOL! Yeah, I had the freaking scare of my life when you tagged me with that one ...

    Urrmmm, for you smart people it;s kacang putih la, for me it still feel like physics or something ... LOL!

  15. Uh huh! I think YOU were the first person to tag me buddy! I STILL haven't broken you of the habit-LOL!

  16. MP - LOL! Yes, I was the first person who tagged you and I don't think you'd be able to break me out of it anytime soon ... LOL!

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