Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Me And My Pants ...

This morning, my boss came in, looked at me and asked me whether I had any appointments or not? What a peculiar question. I replied in the negative and was kinda curious with the very fact that she asked me such a question that I just had to ask her what she meant by it?

She said seeing as how I was in really casual clothes and all that, she presumed that I didn't have any appointments.

'Huh?' was my answer.

But boss, I'm always in casual clothes and only on days when I have a presentation would I even consider dressing up. It's not like you don't know me by now.' I continued ...

She didn't say anything to that, she smiled and just said:

'that's true, you're always under dressed ...'

Hmmmm, I think the fact that we're still having staffing problems must be weighing heavily on her mind cos she's never asked me a question like that before, well, not in a long time that is ... I'm the jeans and tee shirt kinda person. I know my job description requires me to meet people and do presentations and stuff but most of the time, I come in to work in jeans with either a short sleeved shirt or a tee shirt.

I just can't stand being in a necktie, log sleeve shirts and slacks all day long and normally, I only wear them when I first meet a new client or only for presentations, I've been known to actually wear jeans and short sleeve shirts for some presentations even. Not very professional I know but hey, being comfortable is what matters, right?

I'm only really comfortable when I'm in something casual, in fact if they allowed me to come in to work with Bermudas I definitely would. LOL! I'm pretty much the casual and simple kinda person. Nothing makes me happier than coming in to work in my favourite Dockers and my well used and comfortable blue tee shirt that I love so much that wifey says one day people are going to think I don't own any other tee shirts ... hehehe ...

Come on, honestly, what can be better than a nice pair of well worn khaki Dockers attached to your lower body all day long? When I'm in the midst of work, I tend to sit just about anywhere and my trusty Dockers is perfectly cut out for the rough stuff. I've always loved my Dockers, especially the straight fits and I've been using them for as long as I can remember that I cannot picture myself being comfortable in anything else. My pants and me have seen so many ups and downs together that if my pants could talk, what a tale it would tell you guys :D

The things we've both been through, the stuff we've seen together, I could probably make a nice little movie and submit it as a TV commercial for the Dockers contest at www.nbc.com/Dockers and maybe even win a prize or something. Now, that would be awesome wouldn't it? Actually, the more I think about this, the more excited I am about participating in this Dockers contest ... hehehe ... I mean, I do work in an advertising agency and it shouldn't be all that hard to make a nice creative story about my pants.

And I'd better win or else there'll be hell to pay ... hahaha ... ok, ok, just kidding, maybe second prize or something, I don't want to appear to be too greedy now. Wait a minute, there is a second prize isn't there?




  1. A movie about your pants? Go for it! Sounds like you have been through a lot together.

    I've always been a lover of jeans and I'm allowed to wear them for work. I'm the same as you, much prefer the casual dressing.
    I could probably make a movie about the amount of jeans I've got through! I've certainly had a few pairs in my time!

  2. I am UNDER DRESSED every day in the office too. I am just NOT one of those girls that does well with pantyhose and high heels. I prefer sweat pants (or pajama bottoms) above all, but for work I try to at least wear slacks. sometimes. Usually I rock a pair of Khaki's instead!

  3. Was your boss giving you a little hint to dress less casual? A nice soft button down shirt with a pair of Dockers would do nice : )

  4. So Nick, when is the time you put on all those ties, slack and collar T?? ;p

  5. I'm always under dressed, that's the way I'm.

  6. The World According To Me - Well, we have been together through so many things that maybe it's high time I gave my pants some recognition ... LOL!

    Well, go ahead and make that movie now, I'd like to hear the story of your jeans ... hehehe ...

  7. Meleah - That's cool. Most women I know would dress to the nines for work. I've always been a slacker when it comes to dressing. It's no wonder no one offered me a fashion contract ... LOL!

  8. Spicy Bug - Hi and welcome to my blog :D

    Yeah, you could be right there you know. She's probably fed up of having someone dress like a bum come in to work everyday ... LOL!

    A big thumbs up on that soft button down shirt with that pair of Dockers :D

  9. Rose - The last time I used a tie and suit was on my best friends wedding day and that was a long time ago ... LOL! I just hate using a tie and slacks and long sleeve shirts. Just so not me ...

  10. Cidao - Cool buddy, at least I've got a friend in the under dressed department too ... hehehe ...

  11. Please don't let your pants tell any stories Nick. Do you really think the blogosphere is ready for that yet?

  12. Gypsy - Hahaha ... Ok, I'll spare the world the stories on my pants and me ... :D

    You're probably right, the blogspehere isn't ready for such and inhumane thing ... LOL!

  13. Hi Nick! I see u're doing some SS posts here now. I only did the Intro to SS one, after that no more offers! :(

    Anyway, my friend recently got a memo for being too under dressed on a Friday, which is dress down day for Maxis. She was wearing a dress. Too under dressed? Hmmmm I dunno.... ;)

  14. Yaayyy~!! You see, you did get the opps!! Here's to more and more and more to come!! :D

  15. Marzie - So far only one la Marzie. I've still waiting for more ... hehehe ... I did the intro one for Spiff though.

    Hahaha ... I wonder what they actually meant by dress down day over there ... I'm always under dressed, so for me it's always dress down day at work ... hehehe ...

  16. Syura - Yeah, I was jumping up and down when I got this assignment that wifey thot I was crazy ... hehehe ...

    Here's looking forward to more :D


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