Friday, August 1, 2008

The Proposition

I'm in trouble. Real big trouble. And I don't know how to tell my wife this. I know if she finds out about it, there'll be hell to pay. It's not something I'd like to keep from her. If she ever ever found out about this, she'd be devastated not to mention probably strangle me to death!

Let me start from the beginning. I am signed up with this community network called HashBush. I joined a few months ago but never actually bothered about it cos it's really not good at all and besides I don't even like stuff like these. It's been neglected for so long. But today, I received an email stating that I have a message for me. Seeing as how I had nothing better to do, I logged on to see what the message was all about.

And what I read has got my heart palpitating wildly. The message was from someone called Hotmama44 and she had a love preposition for me! I was captivated, I felt my heart quiver as I read the letter. A hotmama was propositioning me. I feel real bad for even considering it. How could I even think of cheating on wifey ... here, I copy pasted the message for all of you to see:

FROM: hotmama44

31 Jul 2008, 8.03 am


My name is miss Jenny i saw your profile today at hashbush and became intrested in you, i will also like to know you the more, and i want you to send a mail to my email address so i can give you my picture for you to know whom l am and maybe love can blosom. Here is my email address ( I believe we can move from here. I am waiting for your mail to my email address above. miss Jenny. (Remember the distance or colour does not matter but love matters alot in life) Thanks.

So, you guys think I should reciprocate to this hotmama44 Miss Jenny Woman? You think I should not let color and distance get in the way of love? You think I should go ahead and fall for Miss Jenny? You think I should let love blossom for me and Miss Jenny? LMAO! What a scam. I just couldn't help myself by posting about this. I mean, do you really think people will fall for emails like this? Who in the world goes out sending people such emails? What do they really intend to achieve except to scam someone right?

I've had tons and tons of these email scams and according to some of them, I should be a billionaire three times over by now. I've had emails telling me I've won a few million dollars (US Dollars at that!) and I've had emails telling me that my help was needed in cashing out a few million dollars from some fallen dictators bank account and that for my part in cashing out the few supposedly million dollars I get to keep 80% of it but first I need to give them my bank account details or something like that.

Gee, I wonder if maybe I should actually give them my bank account details. I could be a billionaire, you know. I could even probably buy all of you a personal jet of your own, you know. Maybe even a mansion or two ... LOL! I'm sure all of you would have seen something like this in your inbox every now and then, right?

Aside from the emails telling you about how to obtain fast cash payday loans, how to urrmmm enlarge a certain section of your anatomy and how to get rich quick, I am pretty sure you all would have at some point been propositioned to, won the lottery and probably picked as the lucky recipient to collect a million bucks. All you had to do was either spend some money to get it or give them your banking details or something along those lines ...

Don't these people ever give up? Do they really think everyone is stupid? But then again, I guess for every 1,000 of us who see right through their scams, there is one gullible sucker who will take up the offer. That's what probably encourages them to keep sending these silly, atrocious spelling and grammatically bad emails to us in the hope of hooking on to a gullible sucker.

Wifey and me had a good laugh when I showed her the message. She even said she's received tons of propositions like that too. I just couldn't resist posting it :D Tell me some of the crazy ones you've received. I could sure use a good laugh ... hehehe ... Have a great weekend folks.


  1. hi there nick! gee, so sorry I haven't visited you in ages! In fact I haven't blog-hopped much. Must do so soon.. Anyway, re that email, it's hilarious! 'may be love can blosom'? hahahaha I've also received those emails on winning lotteries or somethin. Gee, haven't they got better things to do? Anyway, have a lovely weekend! :-)

  2. Btw, I meant that in a good way. :P

  3. hahahhahahahahah omg rusak butul dis nick. mmg about spam emails *rofl.. but yeah. I couldn't even bother to read it...I juz simply delete it coz it's too annoying. I mean it's like from asking help for money (gawd from whichever country) to erm enhancement @_@ The title says it all, no need to click to check it out coz it were too obvious *rofl.

  4. I get those too and I think it's hilarious when it's a women signing it and it's addressed to me. LOL

  5. Hi Nick, it's been a while i don't visit you!!! My work is driving me nuts!!!

    I receive a lot of messages about winning some lottery everywhere. If they were true I would be a billionaire...

    I also receive messages about viagra, enlargement of you-know-what, weird business and may more.

    It's really a plague!

  6. When my FB profile was still made public, I got a marriage proposal that came with a green card to the US once. The idiot thought I was some mail order bride! Lol!

  7. Osindak - Hey, now worries. Glad to see you here though.

    Yeah, I like the part about the blosoming love (atrocious spelling and all!). This Miss Jenny probably isn't even a woman ... LOL!

    A great weekend to you too ...

  8. Rozella - Bodoh is my middle name la ... LOL!

  9. Rozella - Sure you did ... hahaha ... but I'll take that as a compliment anyway :D

  10. Maslight - I just couldn't resist writing about it. It was just so hilarious to receive a proposition to blossom some love! LOL!

    So far my spam filter gets them most of the time but there are one or two that do get through and once in awhile I do read them to see just what creative con job they can come up with :D

  11. Tammy - LOL! It makes you wonder which part of Tammy doesn't sound like a woman. Don't they even check who they try to con these days?

  12. Cidao - No worried my friend. We all get busy with work at times :D Glad to see you here again though.

    I think the amount of messages we all get about winning the lottery, we'd all be billionaires by now ... LOL!

  13. Perky - What? You're not a mail order bride? LOL! Just kidding, ya :D

    A marriage proposal. That has to be the first time I've heard of that one ... hahaha ... You should have just strung him along to see how far he would go ... LOL!

  14. hey...I've never received one of those before. I've got all the other kinds of 'usual' offers, but never this one. I wanna add it to the collection. Where do I sign up?


  15. :) same here..received lotssssssssss of email about me winning europe lottery, microsoft bla..bla.
    But...never received any 'love email' from anybody yet. But out of all, i really amused with those emails which have the interesting title like 'how to please your woman on bed'...duh!!!

  16. just today i had an offer for some male enhancement pills and 4 million pounds! LOL!

    But yours is truly hilarious lah nick!! And yeah, do people really fall for that kinda stuff??? hahaha..

  17. No matter how we make our emails private, spammers would always find it. Very nice proposition, the desperate ones would surely buy it, haha!

    Hurry, hurry! Give your bank account so I can have my own jumbo jet, lol!

  18. Perry - LOL! It was a first for me too. I think I can pull some strings and get you your own personal Miss Jenny too but I need your bank account number for that ... Hahaha ...

  19. Kadus Mama - 'how to please your woman on bed' ... they do know you're a woman, right? LOL! I never did get that one before ... Maybe I should go check my spam filters ... hahaha ...

  20. Shemah - Like I asked Kadus Mama, they do know you're a woman, right? LOL! And urmmm, about that 4 million pounds, did you go collect it? Hehehe ...

    I suppose for every 100 people out there, there in one sucker who will actually fall for these scams, that's why they're still out there trying their luck ...

  21. Marlene - Yeah, I guess no email, no matter how private will be safe from these spammers.

    What? You didn't get the jumbo jet I sent you last week? LOL!

  22. LOL, Nick!

    Wait until you start getting mobile spam message.

    The other day someone texted me that he couldn't way to get connected with me..... only if I joined a social networking service!

    God, there is no hiding from them!

  23. Sharon - LOL! So far my cell phone has been spared from this. But I'm wondering how long before it catches up ... And no, there really is no hiding from them :D

  24. ha ha ha..received lots of them...esp as spam so delete lor..aiya wifey sure understand..sorry been away and internet so slow.........................................................hahaha so now my life is back to normal.

  25. Deana - I think it's become a way of life to get these spam emails, ya?

    I notice quite a lot of people have been having slow connections the past few weeks. I wonder what is going with that ...

  26. LOL!!! Love can blossom it seems, at least write a more believable letter la! :(

  27. Marzie - Tu la, at least check la the grammar sikit, then maybe I might consider la ... hahaha ... But it was a riot just reading it la ...


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