Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Really Short Post!

This evening I was complaining to wifey that I have tons of posts like this that need to be done by a certain time but that I'm just too tired to actually complete them.

Having no choice but to do them, I told wifey that I'll just do a short 60 word post, after all that's the minimum number of words that are required for this particular post. She looked at me, laughed her head off and said,

'Honey, you don't know the meaning of a short post!'

The cheek of the woman! LOL! But you know, she's actually absolutely right. On days when I just don't know what to post, I'll still end up with some long winded post about me not having anything to write. And even if I wanted to try to write something real short, I'll still end up with a pretty long post.

Take for instance this post. I'm supossed to write something on cheap term life online which I wanted to just limit to a maximum of 100 words and no more but even then I'm already at 188 words already!

It's only with this blog that I can't seem to keep the posts short. The other three blogs that I have, this problem doesn't happen. In those 3 blogs, the posts are all pretty short and I'm never out of ideas for what to write.

I don't know why but this blog seems to just make me wanna write, write and keep on writing all day long! In fact if I don't force myself to stop, I'll just keep blabbering on and on and on and on like now! And to think I hated doing essays back when I was in school.

Really, I hated essays. I couldn't write anything over 50 words and even that was struggle. If only they had blogs back then I would have aced all my essays tests ... LOL! Ok, ok, I really think it's time to stop or soon I'm going to start telling you all about my childhood and that'll keep you guys up all night!


  1. Am I the first???

    Nick, whatever is inside ur mind to have post so many today. LOL!

    I havent updated my blog since...urmm..Sunday.

  2. Eh technically, it's already Wednesday. Ha!

  3. err.. it comes with the age thingy... old and winding road ahead :p

  4. Carol - Yup you are the first :D

    Ada banyak assignment to complete la Carol, so no choice but to post quite a few posts at one go ... LOL!

  5. Carol - Actually you're correct la, technically it's Wednesday. What are you doing up so late? Don't you have school tomorrow? Gee, I sound like a parent talking to a kid la ... hahaha!

  6. Anny - ya la, I think it has to do with old age too ... LOL!

  7. OMG I was laffing so loud you can't imagine how loud I was laffing. Anyways, it'd be a miracle or something if you're able to write a short post LOL. I'm sorry Nick, I just can't imagine you with a short post. It just doesn't work. I mean you're Nick after all. But hey, I don't mind your long winded post. It's really nice to read after all *giggles.

  8. Woah, you must be making tons of money doing these 'homework'!

  9. Maslight - Oh I can imagine ... LOL!

    Ya, I really don't know how I can write so much of rubbish a times ... hehehe ...

    Good to know that my posts don't bore you :D

  10. BT - I wish I was la BT. It's not bad but it could be much better :D

  11. Nick, you and short posts don't match! :o)

  12. Cidao - Hahaha ... they sure don't buddy :D


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