Saturday, November 14, 2009

Women Are From Venus, Men Are From Mars And Female Dogs Are From ... ???

Pebbles is not on speaking terms with me. In fact she's even staying away from me. She decided to boycott me for today all because I scolded her! Darn, that dog sure knows how to sulk ... LOL!

Ever since she figured out how to climb the stairs at home (she doesn't know how to come down the stairs yet though), she'll always be running up the stairs with me every time I go up to the room to get something. This evening was no different.

After my run (yes, I started running again which I will post about in another post soon), I decided to go up and shave. As usual, the moment I walk up the stairs, she'll be running enthusiastically up the stairs alongside me.

So there I was in the bathroom shaving and there she was as usual running around the room and fighting with her favourite soft toy. All of a sudden, I see her through the reflection of the mirror and notice that she's come to the bathroom mat, starts smelling it and then start to go round and round, a sign that she wants to pee.

Now, right in front of this bathroom mat is her 'toilet', so to speak, which is a non slip rubberized mat that we placed in the bathroom which she always uses as her toilet. So before she can squat and start peeing on the bathroom mat outside, I quickly shout at her,

'Pebbles, that's not your toilet!'
, admittedly I was a little harsh sounding (but not something she isn't used to).

The next thing I know, she runs to the corner of the bed, puts her head down on the floor and gives me this totally hurt look on her face. Normally when she's in her sulking mood, all I have to do is go and play with her and she'll be back to her happy and enthusiastic self. But today, the moment I went next to her, she gave me this look and ran under the bed!

God! That was a first. So I try the next trick which is to invite her up the bed, which is something that she loves doing. But not today, in fact she even goes further under the bed. Well, I'm not out of tricks yet, I try my last trick which is to pretend to open the room door to go which would ALWAYS have her scurrying out to follow me but even that didn't work.

She doesn't even budge from under the bed and when I look down at her under the bed, she turns her head away from me with a hrrruummppphhh look! Can you believe that? She snubbed me! That's when I decide to use my secret weapon, which is to shout for wifey,

'Honey, Pebbles is 'merajuking' (sulking) with me!' I scream from upstairs.

The moment wifey comes up into the room, she rushes out from under the bed and jumps into her arms ... Wifey gives me this 'what did you do to her look' and I told her what happened. She laughs at me and says,

'Aiyaa, don't you know you can't scold her'

Even when wifey put her on the bed, she doesn't want to come anywhere near me and just stayed on wifey's lap ... That dog can really sulk. She acts just like a human being whose feelings have been hurt and totally ignored me after that. No amount of molly coddling her seemed to work. She must really be pissed at me.

She has changed so much since the day she first came to stay with us. These days she's so much more pampered that she has me or my older boy feeding her from our hands. Yes, really, I actually feed her her dog biscuits one by one cos she won't eat it from her doggy bowl if I'm home.

But she is an adorable little thing that sometimes you can't resist being her slave. Yes Anny, you're right when you say that they're the masters and we're their pets ... LOL! They've got us wrapped around their paws.

At least she has finally made peace with me or at least I think she has cos she's back to following me around everywhere, which in her terms means she's forgiven me for scolding her. She's snugged cozily sleeping at my feet on the floor while I'm typing this post :D Phew, for a while there I thought she was going to sulk the entire day.

Are all females like this, ah? LOL! Oh, the pix below is one of my favourite old photos of her when she first came to stay with us :D



  1. Awwww pebbles is such cutie ;) *chuckles.

    LOL nick dun scold pebbles bah XD kkekekeke.

  2. hahahaha! pebbles so adorable and funny too.
    at least, she kena marah can merajuk like that.
    my bam2, tak makan saman punya. already kena marah also like nothing happened.

    how old is pebbles again?

  3. Maslight - Well, I've learned my lesson about scolding her these days ... If I scold her, she runs to wifey and wifey scolds me ... LOL! Clever dog la that Pebbles.

  4. Carol - Aiyoo Carol, that dog can really merajuk one. Even when we go out and leave her at home, she will sulk at the door ... hehehe ...

    She's four years old.

  5. padan muka sama u.. hahhahahahaa.. for scolding her... wahh.. she can merajuk more than Piper pulak.. hehehhee

    dun shout at her laa.. kesiannya.. she's just a lil doggie.. and your lil girl

    suda tau complain sama missus.. very pandai this Pebbles

  6. Doggies have mighty forgiving hearts... tat is something we all can learn from them :D

    urmm.. bila nak pinjam samo saya itu Pebbles?

  7. omg!!!!SOOOOOOOOOO cuteeeeeeeee....loook really like teddy bear...if i have a cutey puppy like that, i'm gonna bring it to everywhere...ekekke....i guess female dogs are from Jupiter...hahahh how's that??LOL!

  8. Anny - Hahaha .. ya, padam my muka for scolding a pampered little dog!

    Itu la, she's really smart. After that wifey looks at me one kind for scolding her ... hahaha!

  9. Anny - That's true but it took her a while to warm up to me again ...

    You still want to pinjam her ah? Aiyooo, ok I posraju her to you soon ... LOL!

  10. Sweet-Girlicious - Female dogs are from Jupiter? LOL! She is a cute little thing isn't she? She's also getting more pampered by the day now ...

  11. Dogs are like humans, too, eh? But they're adorable too. Don't raise your voice the next time you scold her or she'll do more than just sulking, like not eating and let herself starve, lol! Just like women do sometimes (or only me).

  12. Marlene - Well this little doggy seems prone to human behavior anyway.

    I don't think she'll ever go on a food strike cos she just about eats anything that is offered to her, even if she is full ... LOL!

  13. My Tessie pun like Chegu Carol's Bam2..tida makan saman.. :)

  14. Wah, I think female dogs are more spiteful than male dogs. I scold Rusty all the time and he never sulks. My neighbour has a female jack russell and that dog destroys things when she doesn't get enough attention!

  15. awwwww pebbles is so so cute!!!!!!!!! how to have the heart to scold her? i think dogs these days are very cunning...they just know when and how to manipulate the owners...cis

  16. Mama Mia - LOL! Pebbles lain, pandai merajuk one.

  17. BT - Really ah? Destroys things? Thank god Pebbles only sulks! LOL!

  18. Xin - Yeah, they do know how to make us their slaves ... LOL!

    Well, if I scold her, she runs to wifey and I end up getting scolding instead ... hahaha!

  19. Of coz can merajuk one Nick! If I scold my kids sure merajuk oso..he cute right? :)

  20. Seriously, that is one cute dog! But... ewww... dogs peeing in my house is one thing I can't take.

  21. Buddy! Girls are the same no matter what species they are LOL

    Glad she made up to you though!


  22. Marzie - Aiyoo and I thought only humans merajuk ... LOL!

  23. Dawn - LOL! That mat is actually placed in the bathroom for her to pee but once in a while, she kinda does it outside ...

  24. Adrian - Hahaha ... I absolutely agree with you. Now lets run and hide before them girls bash our heads in ...

  25. Cindy - She is, isn't she and she knows how to flaunt her cuteness ... hehehe ...


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