Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Dogs Tale

Today I'm going to talk about dogs or rather about the dog that resides in my house. Most of my long time readers would probably know that she really doesn't belong to me. She actually belongs to my boss or rather my ex-boss (it's a long story and I'm in no mood to tell it) and she's been staying with us for close to six months now.

Pebbles is her name and she was just supposed to stay with us for a month or so but ended up being with us for six months now. Not that I'm complaining though cos she's become a huge part of the family that I don't think we can bear to live without her. Besides my ex-boss hasn't asked for her yet and he's okay with us looking after her.

Whatcha looking at?

I just hope he never asks for her cos it would be too painful to part with her. Our lives changed the moment she first came to live with us. Wifey instantly fell in love with her, so did the boys and as for me, well what can I say, she's simply adorable.

We never had a dog prior to this and having one suddenly come to stay with us was something very new to us. It changed our lives quite a bit too. Instead of having two kids to look after we had one more 'kid' to be contented with.

I always thought that having a dog would be pretty messy. You know dogs la, always barking and messing up the place. But Pebbles totally changed my opinion of dogs. She was and still is an angel though she can be a bratty little thing at times.

She's so easy to handle and hardly barks except when those pesky stray cats come and taunt her through the gate or when something startles her. She's one of the most friendliest breed of dogs around, in fact sometimes too friendly that I'm afraid people will dognap her away.

Like I said, she's so easy to handle and is even toilet trained that when she wants to pee or do her bigger business, she'll run into the toilet to her personal 'toilet bowl' which is really a bathroom non slip mat and proceed with her business there.

There's one thing I learned about Shih Tzu's and that they're great actors and know how to manipulate us in doing her bidding. Yes, she's got us wrapped around her paws running around and doing stuff for her like the princess she thinks she is ... LOL! She's got this huge eyes (like all Shih Tzu's do) and she knows how to use them to get what she wants. And trust me, once she does her eye trick, you simply CANNOT resist bowing down to her needs.

She's such a happy dog and loves hanging around with wifey and me. She'll follow either wifey or me around like a shadow though she is a little terrified of my younger boy who loves tormenting her. When she sees him, she'll run and hide behind us ... hahaha ...

The safest place to hide out from that terrifying boy ...

But there's another thing that Shih Tzu's are also known for which is they're pretty sensitive and can sulk when not given what they want or when she gets the occasional scolding from me for being a brat. When that happens she'll just turn away and go sulk in the corner or sometimes she'll just go to wifey with this hurt look and the next thing I know wifey will be saying,

'Now, just what did you do to her?' 

Darn, that dog sure knows how to get people in trouble ... LOL! But despite all that we're so fond of her that we cannot see ourselves not having her sitting under the chair while we surf or on the couch with us while we watch TV. We even worry about leaving her at home for too long when we go out.

I read this article that said Shih Tzu's have the lowest scale of intelligence of all dog breeds and I happen to totally disagree with it cos Pebbles seem to have intelligence on a different level. She knows when it's time to eat, she knows when we're going to surf or watch TV. When it's time to sleep and we start the process of shutting the TV off and closing all the doors she knows it's time to head upstairs for bed and will wait for us at the stairs ready to go up.

Now this is the life ...

She also knows when we're getting ready to go out and will start giving us this really sad look that she's going to be left alone that will just break our hearts. And if we sleep a little too long on the weekends, she'll jump up on the bed and wake us up telling us that it's time to take her down and she won't be satisfied until we actually get up. Now if that isn't intelligence I don't know what is. I think whoever wrote that article was hoodwinked by a Shih Tzu into believing they're not very smart dogs.

Actually I don't even know why I'm posting about Pebbles cos I really wanted to post about how hooked I am watching Glee but I think I've written a little too long about Pebbles and wouldn't want to bore you any longer :D

Oh, did I mention that I was totally hooked on Glee? No? Yes? Well, just in case I didn't, I'm totally hooked on Glee ... LOL!

P.S - Pebbles even has her own blog :D


  1. Pebbles is CRAZY cute! I wouldn't ever be able to give her back!

    Oh, GLEE rocks! that show kills me. Jane Seymore is AWESOME!

  2. Ill be very upset for u if Pebbles has to go back to ur boss, six months edi! Woofies Pebbles, I see u here today! :)

  3. Meleah - She is, she really is and I really would love for her to stay here forever.

    I simply cannot get enough of Glee :D

  4. Marzie - Hehehe ... thanks for being upset for me. She's become a part of the family that we just can't see ourselves without her.

  5. Pebbles is such an adorable dog.

    I'd melt looking at those eyes too. :D

  6. Urmm.. just posraju her to me if your boss asks for her back.. i'll keep her till the coast is clear :) ok?

  7. but i don't think he will want her back... if you love your dog.. you surely cannot leave her for 6 months without taking her home. If i were Pebbles.. i'll just snub them if i see them and just run to mommy.

  8. this is a loooooooooooooooooonng post.. but as lonnnnng post is only because you love her so much :) now i got to top your looooooooonnnnnnggg post.. hahhahahaa

  9. pebbles is so so so cute!!!! i think why not u ask yr boss to give her to u for good? :D

  10. Lina - And she knows how to use those huge eyes to manipulate us some more ... LOL!

  11. Anny - Good idea, I'll say she ran away with Piper ... hahaha!

  12. Anny - I hope so then Pebbles can belong to me forever ... LOL! Yes,I hope she snubs him ... LOL!

  13. Anny - Hahaha ... You giving me a fight these days la for the most long winded postings.

  14. Xin - Hmmm ... I just might try that but I'm afraid of his answer.

  15. Pebbles is adorable. And a fan of Glee! too. Could you ask for a better pet? I don't think so. And if your old boss comes a knocking I think it would be best to ignore the door!

  16. Woot! Pebbles has her own blog? Now, this i gotta see. Who knows I rajin buat for my Bam-Bam. And owh, Bam-Bam is now a daddy although I am yet to see his pups cos the mommy won't let us, for now.

    And yes, Glee is best. I've watched all until episode 13 cos you know la, my hubby sangat rajin to download all these nice2 series.

  17. L Avery Brown - LOL! That is one heck of a good idea. Maybe I could even put up a sign saying, left to Timbuktoo ... LOL!

  18. Carol - Hehehe ... yes, she has her won blog these days :D Congrats to Bam Bam on being a daddy :D Takde cigar ka? LOL!

    Aiyooo, 13 episodes oredi? I really not rajin la to download, just tunggu for it on TV every week ...

  19. Pebbles is adorable! And I'm totally hooked on Glee too! Can't get enough of it actually :)

  20. Sriyany - Yeah, I'm already anxiously waiting for next weeks episode! LOL!

  21. Ohh Pebbles is so adorable.. what human wouldnt fall in love with her.. I love you Pebbles and I hope your ex-owner would ask for you would simply break your mommy and daddy heart for sure :(

  22. LJ - Yeah, it would most definitely break our hearts. She really has become like family to us now.


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