Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Feeling Bad

Sometimes I end up doing some really crazy things like this comparisons thing by Foong. I was actually too lazy to do an actual blog post about this and ended up putting my answers in his comment box but then I looked back and thought it was a pretty amusing thing to do.

I also felt bad cos there will be a lucky draw to pick three winners. Those who took part and posted this stands a chance to win. Even though I didn't actually write a post about this, he said he'll still put me in the running for this contest.

Aiyyyaaaa Foong, why did you have to be such a nice fellow and still put me in the running for the lucky draw? Now I feel so bad about it that I'm going to post it here. Besides if I do win I don't want someone disqualifying me for cheating ... LOL! So here goes. My answers may be a little different from the earlier one in his comment box though.

1. Najib vs Mahathir - Can I say Jack The Ripper?

2. Facebook vs Twitter - Neither cos I don't have accounts in either one ... LOL! Yes, that's how ketinggalan zaman (old fashioned) I am.

3. Lady Gaga vs Beyonce - Beyonce la!

4. PJ vs KL - You have got to be kidding me - PJ Boleh!

5. iPhone vs Nexus One - Nexus One!

6. Blackberry vs HTC - HTC of course cos I'm about to buy one :D

7. Firefox vs Google Chrome - Anything but Internet Explorer.

8. Nikon vs Canon DSLR - Canon all the way ...

9. sex vs sleep - Must I answer this?

10. eating vs sex - Good god, you ask the toughest questions ... LOL!

11. call vs sms - Call.

12. sunny vs rainy - Rainy, nothing beats the pitter patter of raindrops on your roof.

13. werewolves vs vampires - Gee, a scaredy cat like isn't going to answer questions like these!

14. healthy & poor vs sick & rich - Urmmm cannot be healthy and rich ah? LOL!

15. cakes vs doughnuts - Pizza!

16. school days vs working days - Lepak days la ...

17. dog vs cat - Doggy cos if I said cat, Pebbles will bite me ... LOL!

18. single vs married - No way am I going to answer this on grounds that it might cause me serious bodily harm ... LOL!

19. Malaysia vs Singapore - Anywhere but those two places.

20. China vs USA - USA.

21. Paula Abdul vs Kara DioGuardi - Kara.

22. OldTown vs Papparich - Neither.

23. Fitness First vs Celebrity Fitness - Aiyaaa, go workout at home la ... hahaha!

24. driver vs passenger - Driver cos I prefer to control my own faith!

25. beautiful & dumb vs brainy & fat - Hmmmmm ...

26. handsome & egoistic vs ugly & rich - Hmmmmm again ...

27. insurance agent vs direct selling agent - ARGGGGGGHHH!!! *runs and hides*

28. horror movies vs comedies - Though I'm a coward I love horror movies!

29. working for yourself vs working for others - Working for myself since I'm doing that now :D

30. Avatar vs Lord Of The Rings - Star Trek!

31. bus vs taxi - Don't know how to take either cos I haven't taken one in years!

32. Haagen Dazs vs Baskin Robbins - Mat Cool :D (A local brand ice-cream)

33. flu vs diarrhea - Flu.

34. blue vs pink - Lime green?

35. chicken vs duck - Chicken cos it fits the chicken in me ... LOL!

36. dawn vs dusk - Dusk, cos at dawn you have to wake up for work!

37. Tiger Woods vs Nicol David - Nicol David (our very own world squash champion) la of course and not that womanizer!

38. Gmail vs Yahoo email - Gmail all the way :D

39. book smarts vs street smarts - Street smarts.

40. foongpc's travel posts vs ghost story posts - Both buddy, cos they're all cool to read and way fun and you write so well (tengah bodek (suck up) you to win la this ... LOL!)

41. Long winded or short winded - Is there even such a word as short winded ... LOL!

There you have it. If you're interested to win that cool Ferrari prize along with the top 10 diet pill Foong has added in his lucky draw, then take part now before the 15th March to stand a chance. Oh and you have to add one more question of your own too like what I did for number 41.

Oh and here's a spoiler, If you're not from Malaysia or Singapore you all can go whack him if you want ... LOL!

*This contest is open to Malaysians and Singaporeans only. International bloggers are welcomed to join provided they are Entrecard members.

And you are giving a Ferrari aren't you Foong? Aren't you? No? Damn, you mean I wasted my time again by doing this ah? Really, no Ferrari, ah? LOL!


  1. Commercial break!

    I oso prefer Gmail..

  2. Meow meow for me of coz, sorry Pebbles! :)

  3. Hahahah love number 34, me too!!

  4. Number 29, me too.. cannot wake up in the morning anymore la, how to work 9-5 lol!!

  5. HAHAHHAHAHAHAH insurance and direct selling agent LOL!

  6. Marzie - Wah, watching AI also can surf? Multi tasking la nie ... hehehe ...

  7. Marzie - Same here, ever since I used Gmail, I've always loved it .

  8. Marzie - LOL! Don't worry Pebbles understands :D

  9. Marzie - Yay to lime green, the worlds best colour!

  10. Marzie - But I still have to wake up early morning to send the boys to school la ...

  11. Maslight - Yes, yes, I'm terrified of them ... LOL!

  12. Hi Nick, thanks for feeling bad and doing this tag! My strategy seems to be working. Hahaha!!

  13. What's with you and marzie liking lime green so much? I prefer blue : )

  14. I totally agree with you on the browser - anything but IE!!

    So you are getting a HTC? Why is it better than iPhone besides the price?

    Long winded vw short winded? I prefer to be long winded when I blog, but I prefer to read blogs that are short winded. LOL!!!

  15. Haha! Trying to suck up to me to win? But I don't have a hand in deciding who is the winner! I put all the names of those who participated in a container and ask my brother to pick 3 winners! LOL!

    So good luck!! Don't worry even if you don't win, you won't regret cos it aint gonna be a Ferrari! You think I am going to give away a Ferrari? Hell, no! I'll keep it for myself! LOL!

  16. Foong - You're evil Foong, evil, I tell you! LOL! You're welcome :D

  17. Foong - Cos we're both so ceria people la ... LOL!

  18. Foong - At least we both agree on the IE thing ... LOL!

    Yeah, I got my HTC two days ago. I love the Mac and the iPhone would have been a great buy unfortunately I use Digi and the iPhone isn't out with them yet and besides I'm just fascinated by the Android UI, it's awesome :D

  19. Foong - Aiyaaaaa then why am I sucking up to you la? What's your brothers email, I think I better go bodek him la ... LOL!

  20. Nick, I like the way you answered those questions. I sure hope you come in first!

    Hey Foongpc, why not a Ferrari? You can get those miniature ones (remember Shell promo?). It's still a Ferrari ma! Kakaka!!

  21. Hey you can now pre-book your iPhone with DIGI! I'm just wondering whether I shld go for it or not!

  22. Wenny Yap, I also keep the Ferrari miniature cars, no giving away! Hahaha!

  23. Wenny - Thank you :D I'm hoping I come in first too but you know Foong la, a very hard person to bribe ... LOL!

    Yeah, Foong a miniature will do, don't be such a cheapskate like me la ... LOL!

  24. Foong - Yeah, I know but I'm still a loyal HTC supporter and after fiddling around with the android UI the past few days I have to say it's AWESOME :D

  25. Foong - Aiyaaaa, don't be so cheapskate la ... LOL!

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