Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Think A Thousand Times ...

I'm too busy with my work today running around getting things done for my clients and also with some production work to complete. But I did have time to browse the net a little cos I was searching for some free seo software but came across this article from the Star Online web portal written by Dr. A Soorian.

He wrote about some comment that was sprouted out by one of our intelligent and learned ministers about mixed marriages. Here's an extract of that article.

... It is with dismay that I read about the comments 'think a thousand times' before entering into a mixed marriage by Information, Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Rais Yatim lately.

It would have been far more appropriate had he said 'think a thousand times' before taking the plunge irrespective of whom you wanted to marry rather than narrow the field to inter-racial marriage.

He stated that studies conducted between 1995 and 1998 by 'several sociologists in the country had shown that seven out of 10 mixed marriages end in divorce'. 

He did not elaborate on the credentials of the so-called 'sociologists' and who assigned them to do the research and for what purpose ...

Yes, I too would like to know the credentials of these so-called 'sociologist' myself. He went on further saying ...

'... the failure of marriage is caused by cultural differences, religion and how a person is raised'.

Hogwash I say! And these remarks are coming from our Minister of Information, Communications and Culture! I am shocked, really I am. For a country that thrives on a multi-racial background and with mixed marriages being common today, we have a neanderthal from a bygone era coming up with silly statements like these.

Yes, I do find it silly cos my wife and me are of a different race altogether. Even my two best buddies are married to women from a different race. And I have lots of friends with spouses of a different race or backgrounds and we're all doing fine. Trust me, we didn't need to 'think a thousand times' about it.

Marriages fall apart not because of cultural differences or religion. If you love someone, then you could be from Neptune and it would not matter one bit. Marriages fall apart most of the time because of a failure to communicate, neglect, lack of understanding, growing apart, infidelity, dishonesty, lack of commitment and but most definitely not because of cultural differences or religion.

And people wonder why we're getting so much bad press around the world. With ministers like these, it's no surprise anymore ... siggghhh ...


  1. Lol maybe minister marry their own kind? Iono, my parents are from different races and been married for over 30 years man. Talking about success marriages.

  2. Malaysian politicians say the darnest things!!!!

  3. You've got quite clever ministers over there haven't you?! By the way been meaning to tell you but I just dont find time enough to write comments. Congrats on your becoming your own boss!! Well done boy!! It takes a lot of guts to do such a feat.

  4. Most of the time, our ministers have their brains in their rear-end. They talk funny (bad English), think inside their small boxes (no substance thinking) and contradicts themselves (basically anything that serves their own agenda first, doesn't mind even if it makes them a laughing stock).

    That's why I'd rather not read so much about the hoohas from our politicians nowadays ... you get exasperated up for nothing.

  5. Maslight - Yeah, maybe they do.

    I'm wondering where he gets all these silly notions from. Our beloved minister should take a look at your parents and maybe he might change his mind.

  6. Terra - They do, they really do. They should make a show about it :D

  7. Zen - Oh yes we do have such clever ministers here :D

    Thank you :D Yes, I was scared stiff thinking about going on my own but now I'm more confident with myself :D

  8. Wenny - Not most of the time, I think more like all the time! LOL!

    They really don't know what they saying half the time and the worst thing is they think they're doing something good for us when in fact they're really more of laughing stocks.

  9. Our ministers not smart enough and simply talk without thinking hard.....Malaysia has becoming a laughing stock of the world.

    How credible was the study? And it was conducted more than 10 years ago. How about now?? How they conduct the study?

  10. Rose - Yes, I have to agree. We don't paint a pretty picture to the world these days.

  11. Marriages fall apart most of the time because of a failure to communicate, neglect, lack of understanding, growing apart, infidelity, dishonesty, lack of commitment and but most definitely not because of cultural differences or religion. << That is so true. Our ministers should take marriage lessons from you. Hahahaha..

    My parents are of different race and living in Malaysia, there's just no escaping that. Go to Sabah and you'll see. I think Sabahans have the highest mixed marriage rate I feel.

    He's saying 70% percent of mixed marriages end up in divorce? Well, we all know that 86.3% of statistics are made up on the spot anyways..

  12. Entah lah apa nak jadi dengan pak menteri kita semua ni....

  13. Shemah - LOL! Our ministers don't listen to the people, remember :D

    Mixed marriages are such a common thing these days and for him to generalize that mixed marriages are the cause of divorce rates going up is utter rubbish.

    He really needs to get out a bit more.

  14. Carol - Yeah, the ministers we have these days are so much worse than before.


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