Monday, March 8, 2010

Pebbles, Where Are You?

I haven't blogged about Pebbles in ages. So before I start telling you all about the best fat burners in town, I thought I'd write a little bit about her. She's been with us for nearly 8 months now and she's becoming brattier by the day :D When she first came to us, she was a quiet little dog who would follow both wifey and me around everywhere we went.

Even if one of us went to the toilet she would sit outside the door waiting for us. When we watch TV, she would sit by our legs or even on the sofa with us. When we get up to make a drink or something, she would immediately get up and tail us to the kitchen. And mostly she was really quiet.

She wouldn't venture very far from us and even if she did (which was very rare) she would come running back to our sides. She's a pretty wary little dog, not to mention a little scaredy cat or is that scaredy dog? LOL!

These days though, she becoming a regular loud mouth and perpetually wants to fight with the cats in the alley at the back of the house. She's also now not afraid to venture out exploring on her own though we NEVER let her out the house unattended cos wifey and me have this fear that she'll run out the gate and gets lost.

There are times when wifey and me are surfing and suddenly she'll be missing. We'll both jump out the chair in panic looking for her. Though we have this plastic wire mesh thingy blocking all the grilles in the house so she can't run outside, we still do get worried when she's out of our sight. Most of the times, when she's missing, all we have to do is say ... 

'Pebbles, where are you?'

... and she'll come running with her tail happily wagging away to see what we want with her but sometimes she just doesn't bother with answering us and we'd have to go and look for her. And the worst thing is she knows we'll go looking for her. I think she does that just to toy with us ... LOL!

Most of the time we know where she hangs out cos she has some favourite places in the house. The times when she's not snoozing away under wifey's or my chair, she'll be at the main sliding door watching the world go by and occasionally bark at some cat or stray dog passing by.

If it's not the front, it's the back door in the kitchen where she'll be sitting and peeping out from this small uncovered opening looking out for the alleycats so she can bark and fight with them. And she can cause quite a racket and will only stop barking when I go there and pick her up. And even then, she'll still be growling and grumbling away.

Wifey and me love her irritated growl and sometimes we're pretty naughty. When we see a cat in the backyard, we'll instigate her to bark at the cat so we can hear her growl ... LOL! She has such a lovely growl that I actually recorded it and saved it on my cell phone. Sometimes we can be REALLY naughty and open the back door and let her run out to chase the cats ... hahaha ... yes, yes, we're both mischievous people at times.

Not that those cats are scared of her. She can't really get at the cats cos of the backyard fencing and most of the time, the cats will just sit there and look at her barking and jumping on the fence trying to get at them. They're really not afraid of dogs here cos they know the dogs can't get them. Once one even tried to attack her and she ran like the little coward she is ... LOL!

But after that incident I keep her away from them cos I'm afraid they'll scratch her huge eyes or something. Now we just let her bark at them from inside at least until we can't stand her barking anymore. But she's really a people friendly dog. If she has not seen you before and you suddenly come to her, she'll bark at you. But once she smells you, she will then be your friend for life.

She's also a little silly at times especially if she sees something she hasn't seen before. There was a time when I left my shoes by the main door and she was happily exploring the house when she came across my shoes and started barking like crazy from afar.

Both wifey and me ran out to see what the commotion was and couldn't stop laughing when we saw her barking at my shoes. Even when my younger boy plays with some of his toys and leave it lying around and if she hasn't seen it before she'll bark at it, but from afar, she is after all a scaredy dog ... LOL!

But we adore her and she's so used to us, except my younger boy whom she's terrified of at times. She's like a part of the family so much so that when we prepare dinner for the boys, we'll also prepare dinner for her. I always tell wifey, instead of having to prepare dinner for two kids now we have to do it for three.

She knows when we're preparing her dinner and will sit and wait patiently by the microwave for her dinner to be heated up. These days we don't just let her eat her doggy biscuits but painstakingly boil chicken meat for her along with potatoes and carrots for dinner. It's not an easy task preparing her dinner.

Either wifey or me will boil the chicken and then once it's boiled, I'll shred it making sure there are no bones in it and then cut up the potatoes into tiny cubes along with the carrots and mix it all with rice and she just loves it so much that she shuns her doggy biscuits these days. I suppose that's my fault for pampering her too much.

There was a time when we didn't allow her on our bed, but not anymore. These days she's a regular on our bed. Just before we sleep, she'll always want to jump up and join us until she's satisfied before heading to her usual spots either under or behind the bed on the Ikea storage box that we have.

Whenever she's on the bed, she must always do her ritualistic roll about and scratching of the bedsheets. It's like she's digging for gold. One of these days I'm sure she's gonna tear the bedsheets. And if there's a storm in the middle of the night, you can be rest assured that she'll be snugly hidden between the two of us. She's terrified of lightning and thunder.

But all that said and done I'm so thankful my ex-boss gave her to us for good. She is a joy to have around the house and we wouldn't exchange her for anything in the world. Not even for a million bucks. Well, maybe two million ... LOL! Just kidding :D


  1. this issssssssssssss a mighty loooooonnng post.. and and i diddddddddddddddddd read the whole thing becos it was about Pebbles... hhahahaha.. she's lucky to have you guys. I am sure she won't even want 10 million bucks in exchange for you guys :D

  2. Im so happy you have Pebbles forever, but definitely be careful - cats can be vicious!

  3. I might as well get a dog like Pebbles. :-)
    Well done pampering her.

  4. She sure is living like a princess.

  5. yeah... even my dog do that scratching thingy before sleeping... i think they're building a nest or something for the night LOL!!

    anyways, we dog lovers do tend to pamper our dogs kan? Pebbles is very lucky to have you as her "parents" :)

  6. Lucky Pebbles to be pampered. :)

  7. I feel better already, after reading your post cos I also cook chicken for Rusty (twice a day), allow him to invade all the beds, sleep on the sofa and leave hair all over the house.

  8. Anny - Yes, it's a looongggggg post and I'm glad that you actually did the entire thing, hopefully it didn't take all night ... LOL!

    We wouldn't trade her for the world either :D

  9. Meleah - Oh yes, I'm always on the lookout for those cats, don't want them to injure Pebbles.

  10. Marlene - You should :D Shih Tzu's will be your friend forever :D

  11. Maslight - She is, she is and she's enjoying it ... LOL!

  12. Alting - Oh cool, at least Pebbles isn't the only dog that does that scratching thing :D You're right though, maybe it's their way of getting the bed ready for the night.

    What to do, they're so cute, how not to pamper la :D

  13. Lina - She has us wrapped around her paws la :D

  14. BT - LOL! You too? Pebbles has the run of the house and we allow her to do what she wants all the time ...

  15. Any possibility for me as a replacement for Pebbles?

  16. Perry - Sure but I hope you don't mind sleeping under the bed cos they sure won't be place for you on it! LOL!

  17. Hahaha I cal pretty imagine how pebbles came out from her hiding place, wagging her tail upon hearing you and wifey calling her.

    pebbles, where are you??

    woof! woof!

  18. Carol - Hehehe ... she would come running with this look of 'what do you want' on her face everytime we call her.

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