Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tesco Sucks!

You guys know all the good things I've spoken about Tesco in the past and how much I like doing my grocery shopping there but not this time. Today I'm going to tell you how useless Tesco is, customer service wise cos I don't hold a grudge against the store but at the morons working there, the security manager to be more specific.

A couple of days ago, I went to Tesco to check on the status of my stolen car. The day the car was stolen, I was advised by this nice Chinese gentleman from Tesco to fill an incident report at the store and then to go make my police report.

So on Tuesday, wifey and me headed out to Tesco in the morning to check with them if there were any updates on the status of my car or whether the police had come over and viewed the CCTV. I know the chances of getting my old car back is nearly impossible but I just wanted to know if anything was even being done.

We head to the customer service counter, ask to see the security manager to find out about my car and was told to wait while they buzz him. Then he calls the customer service counter back and ask when I made my incident report (like as if cars are stolen there on a daily basis that he can't remember that I even made a report) and then took about 20 minutes to arrive.

Never mind, I said as I saw him approaching. At least now I'll know if they have any leads or at the very least if anything has been done to trace the culprits. He just walks up, ask the customer service girl where I am, and she points to me. He comes up to me, stuffs a photocopied piece of the incident report to me and says to me,

'Here is the report, now you can go and make a police report.'

Huh? Now I can go make a police report? Hey moron of a security manager, do you even know what is going on? I made that incident report on the day I got my car stolen at YOUR store, which I considered safe for me and my family and you're telling me that I can now make a police report?

Hey idiot, are you even really a security manager who knows his job? Do you think I was going to wait for nearly two weeks and then make my report? And I don't even need your stupid incident report to make a police report in the first place.

The only reason, I made that incident report at your store was because I was advised by that Chinese gentleman who also happens to be one of your people to make the report so that they could initiate some kind of investigation or whatnot with the CCTV's and then to IMMEDIATELY go make a police report.

And that was what I did. All I wanted from you was to find out the status of the report and if the police had even come over to view the CCTV's yet. You act like my problem is not of importance at all. I had my car stolen from your store, which you happen to be a security manager off and right now speaks volumes about how incompetent you are that cars can be stolen from your store under your watch.

I'm scarred by the incident for life. These days when I park my car, I'm always worried if it will still be there when I come out. I will never get over the incident of having my car stolen from a place I considered safe. Yet you just brush me off like some third or forth class citizen. I am your goddamned customer and a very loyal one at that and this is how you treat people?

Couldn't you at least be a little more human and empathize with my problem a little. I wasn't expecting that you go out on the streets and apprehend these villains but all I wanted was to inquire about the status of the investigation. Would it have killed you to be a little more helpful and not give me some stupid dumb ass brush off?

Just so you know, I am not through with you. I have had it with people being incompetent and treating other people like garbage. I am going to take this up to the highest level of your management even if I have to personally go to your office myself and create a ruckus.

And if that doesn't work, I am going to write in to the main stream media which I happen to know people who can get my article published too. I doubt you would like that kind of coverage very much, right?

I have no issues with Tesco itself but I have every issue with the kind of people you hire. They're supposed to upkeep your good name but instead you get security managers like these who couldn't care less about the welfare and needs of your customers. I am a man traumatized by the loss of my car at your store and instead of being a little helpful, I am treated like scum.

While I will still shop at your hypermarket because I have no issues with the products you sell but I shall be more wary of your personnel. I honestly hope someone from Tesco is reading this and that something good will come out of this. But like I said, I am not done yet with this security manager. Oh, silly me, how could I forget? The store in question is Tesco Extra at Shah Alam :D

I also have a issue with the police but will decide to write about it or not after I visit them for the second time today. There was something that happened there on Tuesday that made wifey totally lose her cool and made her seethe in anger but I'll reserve that post after I see what happens with the police when I meet them today regarding my car.



  1. 000000000000... so its the Big Bad Tesco in Shah Alam (which used to be the Macro)... bad. Bad service man... in this age and time.. customer service counts. Bad Tesco Bad.

    That reminds me.. i rather NOT shop there at all. I don't wanna come out and find my car missing pulak. Spookie.

  2. Maybe one car gets stolen there everyday!
    You should write to the press about your car being stolen. Not that it helps in anyway but at least you highlight the problem.

    My friend who lives in Klang said his son's car was hijacked. The criminals forced his son out of the car before driving it away. Terrible!

  3. oh man... that really sucks.
    all the bosses out there, do make sure your people know what they are doing la...

    i hope things regarding your stolen car will be settled soon. headache lah like that.

  4. I tried to comment this morning but the comment box didn't pop up. On another note, Tesco should hire a new security manager, that's just plain rude man.

  5. Ever since I read about your car being stolen, I've become rather paranoid myself.

  6. That is EXACTLY where my ex-colleague got his Waja stolen!

    Maybe the word "EXTRA" means "services" like these.

  7. Anny - Yup, that's the one! I'm so pissed with their staff. I'll still shop at Tesco but maybe not that branch anymore.

    That doesn't mean I'm letting them off the hook that easily though.

  8. BT - Maybe it's an inside job even. I have a very suspicious feeling that it is and I may even have proof which I handed over to the police this morning. Hope something good comes out of it.

    Yes, the world is becoming a very unsafe place these days ...

  9. Carol - Yes, sometimes the bosses don't even know or realize that they have moronic staff who give their company a bad name. I shall take this all the way to the highest authority cos things like these cannot simple go on and on ...

  10. Maslight - I was having problems leaving comments on some other blogs too. Must have been a glitch in the blogger commenting system.

    I have to agree, a new security manager is definitely needed!

  11. Terra - I'm really so paranoid these days that I check on my car a couple of times a day even though it's parked in my porch at home!

  12. Gallivanter - Good gosh, that place is a haven for car thieves or what? I think it's an inside job and I handed my evidence to the cops today. I hope I'm right and they catch the culprits.

  13. I told ya Tesco sucks, never went back for groceries after the bad service... tsk tsk tsk!

  14. Oh man, I thought when I was going to pop by your blog, it'll be something that was going to make me laugh (as I would expect from you, Nick).

    But this just goes to show what a bad blogger I have been for not visiting you often enough!!! Urgh.

    I'm sorry you had to go through that. I hope you gave that security manager a piece of your mind though. If it was me, I'd probably be too dumbfounded to say anything back. How on earth could Tesco hire such ppl for security???

  15. Marzie - Tesco the store is okay. It's the darn staff there la Marzie, they all songeh betul!

  16. Perky - Hey, haven't seen you around in a while now.

    So many things have happened since you last stopped by :D But yeah, Tesco really need to start educating their staff a little better.

    Are you gonna pull another disappearing act? LOL!

  17. Hey Nick! Guess what? We lost our car too! Just got stolen on Monday.. and we are careless. An old beat up Wira that made sounds pulak tu.

    The thing is, this is the 2nd time it happened to us. First time back in 2004. Same place!! In front of my MIL's house. :( The worst part was, my husband saw it happen. He heard his car alarm, peeked out the window, and saw a man inside. He didn't even get to shout when the man zoomed off already. :(


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